We’re living in strange times indeed. Societal views on sex are becoming both progressive and regressing at the same times. Some societies are slowly accepting that sex doesn’t have to be vanilla and that there isn’t anything wrong with people who want some kink in their lives, or who don’t conform to the male-female gender views, whereas other societies are forcing men and women to conform to the more traditional view of sexuality (Russia I’m looking at you). We here at BaDoink are always going to be on the progressive side of things. We’re here to applaud the efforts of individuals and companies to make sexuality and sex more inclusive. Yes, we’re talking about sex. Give it up for:

Sex and Gender
We like the way you’re thinking FB!

Facebook allows more gender choices now
For years Facebook has been limiting gender choices to male and female, but recently it’s allowed users to customize their gender to over 51 terms. We have to say, “Yay!” to Facebook for being so inclusive.

So if you identify as a Cis, Gender Fluid, FTM or Agender (and more), you’re now allowed to state that in your profile. Check out the Daily Beast’s great glossary to find out what these gender terms really mean.

Find out your sex personality
Most personality tests tend to either skip or skim over our sexual personality, even though we know that it’s also important in our lives. Or if magazines or apps do have quizzes on your sex personality, it’s a cheeky, generalized quiz that isn’t ongoing or scientific. Well, thanks to Dr. Lee Silver of Princeton University and Kristen P. Mark, PhD, MPH, from the University of Kentucky, we’ve now got a comprehensive way of testing your sex personality. Their web app is a simple but provides a deeper understanding of your sexual nature – and it’s ongoing. So go over there and find out more about yourself. If anything, do it for science!

Here’s hoping that we make more strides towards discovering our sexuality without shame, to accepting without judgment and to a whole lot more equal sex! Hear hear!

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