It seems to be that the next ‘big’ thing in show business, to add a level up the achievement game for movie stars, is to star in a TV show. It used to be that the two mediums would never cross their actors, and making it as a movie actor after doing television was a sign of your success – or making it ‘big’ so to say. But now thanks to the amazing quality of television shows and the fact that big time movie directors and producers are also venturing into the land of TV, it seems that it is somehow now ok for big movie stars to slum it in TV land. Especially considering that some TV shows seem to be doing way better than most movies nowadays. What better way to keep relevant than to place yourself in the eye-line of what seems to be the more relevant media now? Here are some movie celebrities rocking TV shows:
Matthew McConaughey – True Detective

This here is a twofer. Two for one. Both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson star in this awesome show. But since Woody started off in television, he doesn’t make it on to this list (even if by all accounts he’s now a true, blue movie star now).
Halle Berry – The Extant

Uh huh, it’s out there. You can now watch Halle Berry weekly on this newly released TV show produced by none other than Steven Spielberg. I’m excited, it looks great! I shall gleefully watch it and let you know if it’s worth the trouble. Who am I kidding, it’s Halle Berry, of course it’s worth it!
Kevin Spacey – House of Cards

Many of you might remember Spacey more for his role in American Beauty or in Seven or Superman Returns but now you can see him tearing it up as Frank Underwood in the awesome show House of Cards on Netflix.
Kevin Bacon – The Following

Oh Kevin Bacon, I do love him. Aside from being in almost anything thrown his way (and being awesome in it!) he’s also one of the most versatile actors out there. Now he’s also on TV! Six degrees of separation indeed.
Anna Faris – Mom

First of all, how is this woman still pulling off college girl roles and secondly, while this may not be the comedic gem that is The Big Bang Theory it is still pretty funny and worth a watch (if you have nothing else to do).

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