I have to admit, not a lot of new music excites me. With so many bands and singers popping up, most of it sounds exactly the same. So when I happened to catch these three girls on Saturday Night Live not long ago, my jaw dropped a little. The lead singer rocked out like some young, smoking hot Chrissie Hynde-Patti Smith hybrid, plus she fucking shredded on guitar. The bass player with ruby red lips had the most amazing (in the true sense of the word) bass-face I’ve ever seen. It looked like she was having a seizure. The girl on rhythm guitar, percussion, and keys was just adorable in her short shorts, clearly stoked to be on SNL. They had a weird stuttering, interweaving rock and roll style with R&B melodies and pop hooks. All I knew was they were called Haim, they were hot, and they didn’t sound like anyone else.

While listening to Days are Gone, their debut album, on Spotify, I went down an Internet rabbit hole by way of Google. Every video, every interview. Danielle, Estee, and Alana Haim (pronounced High-im) are sisters from Southern California. Bass player Estee is the wild one, from her facial expressions to her unbridled crowd work during live shows. Once, over the mic, she gave a guy in the audience her phone number – her real phone number in front of thousands of people – and when the band appeared on The Late Show she basically humped David Letterman. And her twitter handle? It’s @JizzieMcGuire. I’m not playing favorites, though. They are all so obviously individual, you can’t not love all three. Danielle, the cool, brazen frontwoman on stage, is quiet and shy during interviews. Between excitable Alana and shameless Estee, the middle sis seldom gets a word in edgewise. It’s endearing. They’re also hilarious and a little nerdy.

Even before Haim’s album dropped, they garnered the adoration of everyone from Jay-Z to Stevie Nicks to Vampire Weekend. The co-founder of the Neon Gold record label, which released Haim’s Forever EP, told Spin Magazine last year, “Everyone loves these girls. It’s fucking insane.”

It is insane. I’m obsessed. Aside from being multitalented musicians – I mean, the real deal – these girls are also all legs and locks for days. They’re every girl’s girl crush right now. If you don’t want to make out with them you want to be them.


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