If you’ve been itching to serve a lovely lady and get paid for it, well let me tell you, you’re in luck! ManServants, a San Francisco startup by co-founders Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah just opened their doors this month.

The main idea behind this startup is that men and women have different fantasies. Doh! Well if that is such widespread knowledge then why then do women put up with male strippers when it’s pretty clear most women don’t find it that arousing? For many women getting a stripper is something of a fun party prop – something that we can laugh and talk about with our friends – not exactly the “sexy, sensual” event it’s supposed to be. And yet that is the industry norm for bachelorette parties, or when you want to add something ‘naughty’ to an event.


Sure, some women enjoy it and that’s cool. But other women have different fantasies. For those women, we have ManServants – a Gentleman that treats you like a queen. Ah yes, the sad state of affairs when if a woman wants the royal treatment, she’s going to have to pay for it. Better than nothing I suppose.

With ManServants, it’s not about objectifying men. There is no sex involved and while you can decide what he wears (from a sharp suit, to being shirtless) you can’t have him prance about in a banana hammock – gotta keep it classy. He is available to do your bidding for up to six hours a day. He will follow you shopping and carry your purse (without judgment), be your bodyguard, take photos of you, stand in line, serve hors d’oeuvre, wait on your hand and foot, give you round the clock compliments and more… much more… sounds divine!

Basically it’s about satisfying a fantasy – the fantasy of being treated like a queen. Like your own personal butler, except that he’s stinking hot and you can name him whatever you want! To me it sounds like a great idea. I’d much rather get a girlfriend this for her party instead of a stripper. Trust me when I say, having a man serve you hand and foot is much more sexy that have a dick in your face. Let’s hope this service expands soon! What do you think of it?

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