How to Deal with Emotional Terrorists

When is it time to set yourself free from lunatic forces, be they emanating from friend or foe? Lest ye break thy heartstrings one time too many, be swift and without mercy. Thou wilt be stung, aye, thou wilt be freed!

Saying goodbye to people you care about is never easy. It is perhaps made harder when that person is nuts. Harder because frequently mental instability comes with heightened neediness and letting go of someone who “needs” you adds a layer of guilt to the whole ugly matter at hand.

That said, it’s those batty people who would wield guilt in the first place that are the most insidious and divisive urchins. The moment you recognize these qualities in another is exactly the time to purge them from your life.

These people will create one drama or another to reel you back in. Don’t be tempted! Don’t fall for standard manipulative maneuvers like guilt, anger and belittling putdowns.

Another reason that it can be more difficult to extricate yourself from the life of someone who is out of touch is that sane people typically want to be understood and there is no logic nor are there any facts that will penetrate the stories of a delusional mind. So we argue and fight and try to explain ourselves to what essentially amounts to an inanimate object, an inanimate object that talks back through the use of a pre-recorded loop that won’t bend.

I’m not talking about the annoying people or the temporarily depressed or even the really nice people who suffer from various types of mental illness. I’m talking about those toxic bat-shit nut-jobs who would take us down into their very own, maniacal self-made versions of hell.

So many of us have or have had people who carry this type of influence in our lives, the ones who continually wreak havoc. The ones who attempt to put you down and keep you small in order to feel large themselves. The ones who perpetuate the story of a difficult time, holding you hostage to the place they themselves cannot move beyond. The ones who manipulate emotionally to serve their own whims while you get put through the wringer…

Lest ye accidentally speak with one owned by demons, put forth yarrow or holy basil on ye entrance. For them with disease doth spread contagion upon ye when ye attempt to quiet the storm…

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