NextGlass: The App That Helps You Pick Wine

If this app can do all that it says it can, then I am getting giddy waiting for it’s public release. I drink a lot of wine and you’d think that by now I would have mastered the art of picking good wine. However, for me the ‘art’ of picking a bottle of wine consists of 40% pretending I know the different grapes listed on the bottle and 60% the bottle looks nice. Or I just pick the same bottle I had before because it tasted good.

Well, NextGlass takes the guesswork out of picking wine. Or at least they hope to do that with their new app. Yes, while you were busy not learning about wine, some scientists got together and decided they’re going to use the Science to make sure you get the best bottle for your taste. Fuck yeah Science!

Yes the wine recommendation app arena is a crowded one, with apps like Vivino and Hello Vino and many more already pushing recommendations, so what makes NextGlass different (other than not having the word ‘vino’ in their name)?

In the immortalized words Jesse Pinkman, science bitch!

NextGlass: The App That Helps You Pick Wine

NextGlass analyzed thousands of bottles of wine (and beer) so they could store their DNA in their ‘genome cellar’. This way, your next bottle of wine will be scientifically specific and not based on some vague adjective describing how this wine is ‘woody’.

Sarah Buhr over at TechCrunch tested the app and explained that it also provides the calorie content of each glass and is able to suggest a cheaper bottle that tastes almost like the expensive one. For that feature alone the app is already worth its download. In fact the more bottles you scan, the better it can get a handle of what your tastes are like and use that to suggest your next bottle.

Another feature that NextGlass claims to be able to figure out is the ‘hangover rating’ of each bottle. Imma let that sink in for a minute. Yes, the good folks at NextGlass say that they’ve cracked the hangover code (Hangover part IV maybe?) and can tell how likely you’re likely to wake up with a hangover if you drink something.

Right now the app is still in beta while it literally travels around the country in a truck buying wine and beer to test and store in its database. Obviously I’ve signed up to get notified of its release, and so should you.

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