Niche Dating Websites - Part 2

Yes, there are more!

Humans are complicated creatures; not everyone likes the same, and we all want our needs to be met, regardless of how unusual they may be.

Dating is not an exception to this. We want specific things in our romantic/sexual/friendly interests, and since others might feel the same way, why date so generically?

As a follow-up to part 1, we present to you some more niche dating websites that might be exactly what you’re looking for…

Mullet Passions

You may be a busy person; one that understands that in this day and age — give or take 30 years — you need to keep it business-like up front, and only party in the back.

For those who don’t happen to live in New Jersey or Barcelona (Europe’s official mullet capital), this site will help you find other enthusiasts of arguably the most mocked hairstyle of the last century.

Pay those haters no attention, though. It’s your hair and your decision to let your freak flag fly (well, you know, at least just in the back…).

Miss Travel

Anyone who frequents any dating site knows that “traveling” is always a featured interest of most singles looking for a partner. They’ll tell you about their itchy feet. They’ll tell you their passport is their most prized possession. They’ll tell you they’re addicted to travel.

Well, now it’s time to put their money where their mouths are. Miss Travel is a dating website that matches lonely sugar daddies “generous travelers” who have the money to go anywhere yet lack company, with broke gold diggers “attractive travelers” who may not have the resources to take that trip, but are hot/interesting enough for the “generous” ones to finance it.

Diaper Mates

The first thing you should know is… no, this has nothing to do with babies. That would just be annoying and creepy. This is its own kind of weird.

Diaper Mates match people with an interest in diapers; wearing diapers; having their partner wearing diapers; changing diapers and having your own diaper be changed.

Whether you’re actually incontinent or just have developed some unusual sexual habits throughout the years, this might just be your number one option to hold your number twos.

Conservative Dating Site

There are many people for whom “traditional values” are important. We may not want to fuck any of them, but they exist.

If you’re looking for hook-ups, drug-fueled nights, socially inappropriate conversations, uniqueness, or anything that resembles actual fun, you should probably address those things in other dating websites. On the other hand, if you carry any religious guilt within you, are terrified of people who are different, or are looking for a fellow cold fish to grow old together in peaceful boredom, look no further!

Positive Singles

Perhaps a misleading name, because this isn’t really about optimism and good vibrations — although I’m sure those qualities might help.

If you happen to have an STD, having that conversation with a new person you’re about to date might be dreadful. But what if that possible match also has an STD? Positive Singles is a dating site for those who are living with all kinds of STDs, making it a lot easier to break the news and find that special someone who won’t run away as soon as they hear about your Hep C.

The range of STDs goes from very mild stuff like HPV to more life-threatening things, and it provides a platform to find not only a right match but also the right kind of support.

My Lovely Parent

Men and women of a certain age tend to be notoriously bad with the Internet. Most of us have solved some of our parents’ online problems at one point of another.

If loneliness is one of those issues, you can help them out by setting a dating profile for them, and hopefully doing a better job than they would on their own.

It is not restricted to parents; it could be any other family member, or an old friend in need of another hopeless person whose kid also said, “Jesus, I don’t know, dad. Let’s try this…”

Naturist Passion

So, the good news is that on this website your chances of getting your match naked on the first date are considerably higher than on any other dating service.

The bad news is that all that nudity doesn’t necessarily translate into sex, since this is for nudists to get to know one another. You’ll likely meet people who are either extremely chilled out, or tremendously creepy; the middle ground may be a bit harder to find.

Clown Passions

Maybe your biggest fantasy in the world is to be with a clown. Now, I’m not going to tell you to go to therapy — you know very well you need to deal with this shit sooner or later!

In the meantime, there’s a place that might interest you. Clown Passions is a dating site for clowns, clown wannabes and clown lovers. So if you’re not part of the large group of people that are terrified of clowns — or precisely because you are afraid? — this might provide you with the red-nosed, attention-starved match you always wanted to ride into the sunset with; probably in a tiny car.

Punk Match

On one hand, it’s great that you can filter out what you’re not into and simply embrace the aesthetics that turn you on. On the other hand, joining Punk Match is probably the least punk rock thing you could ever do.

If you grew up around hardcore, know your SST artists, published fanzines back in the day, and fully adopted the DIY lifestyle that made this whole counter-culture movement possible… then you’ll probably hate this site.

If you just love shopping at Hot Topic, you’ve hit the phony punk-dating jackpot, buddy. Have fun!

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