Uhm, as an avid selfie taker with the frequent problem of, ‘Not-having-anyone-around-to-take-the-photo-for-me’ (this is a real problem), this is kind of awesome. Meet Nixie, a wearable camera that can fly off your wrist and turn into a drone that will take a picture of you. Whaaat???

Nixie: A Flying, Wearable Camera For Your Wrist

Nixie is one of the finalists in the Intel organized competition to encourage wearable technology ideas. According to team captain Christoph Kohstall, he envisions Nixie as a device you can send flying with just a gesture. However, for now it’s still in development, and the flying wristlet camera has still some ways to go.

According to Kohstall, the camera should be able to recognize where you’re standing, snap a picture and then return to your wrist – if that doesn’t impress your friends then they’re a tough crowd to please!

It is definitely a step up from having to hold your phone in your hand while you snap a selfie – like a bloody commoner! Sure you could even get a GoPro and use it’s hand held mount to get a wider shot, but why do that when you can just flick your wrist and have a drone do it for you?

Of course getting the device to perform accurately could very well be one of its biggest problems. Judging from the test shots in the video above it doesn’t look like the camera centers on the subject (of course, I get that it’s only a test). And what if the one wants to take a photo in a crowded area, how does the camera distinguish which one is its subject? Clearly, there’s a long way to go before Nixie can begin it’s life on your wrist, but meanwhile, even if I don’t need it, I sure do want it!

To Find out more about this great device visit the Nixie website… and start flying!

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