Norwegian TV Channel Unveils Explicit Sex Ed Vids

The Scandinavians have fostered a reputation of being a little bit more liberal and tolerant than the rest of us. Thankfully such attitudes have bled into the approach to sex education for teenagers and younger children.

Norwegian state-funded channel NRK has set tongues wagging with its recent series of videos entitled Pubertet. The educational videos are a blessing to teenagers not just in Norway but across the world who feel or fear that they are not ready for the rollercoaster ride of adolescence.

The key with sex ed and other health-related matters is that being shy will constitute your downfall. Line Jansrud – the host – spells out to her viewers the uncomfortable but vital truths involved in growing up. Jansrud – who is currently pregnant – plans to give birth live on a later edition of the show.

Of course it’s not all overly-serious. Jansrud has a keen grasp of comic timing with some interesting facial expressions to boot. The picture at the top of this article is from a segment showing how hickies are created. Other segments find her getting busy with latex vaginas and other fun bits and pieces.

Inevitably the Don’t Taint My Special Snowflake parent brigade has been out in force. According to RT, parents at one school complained when their second-grade children were shown one of the episodes in class – despite the program being aimed at eight to 12 year-olds – and wrote complaints to the school.

Facebook did their usual thing and took down one video after it violated their nudity policy. Keep letting those beheading videos through though guys!

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