Online Dating: What Not To Do

Not too long ago I joined a popular dating website after being urged by friends who were also on the site. Sure, I know that times have changed and it’s no longer a taboo to find love (or other things) on the net but it was still with trepidation that I joined, expecting the worst.

So I was pleasantly surprised that I found quite a few hot men on the site, and even more men who seemed normal, bright, funny and all other things we women want in our men. So off I went in glee surfing around and filling out my profile.

And then I waited. So many interesting, hot men, all just a click and message away. I could not wait meet them online. Ah the wondrous affairs I shall have!

In a few hours I got a message from some nickname with numbers like MNUEL312 or something. Excitedly I checked my inbox.

“Hey… you’re cute.”

Um… ok. Brilliant conversation? I don’t think so. So there were more brilliant conversations:

“Hey!” a few more dozen times! Along with “you’re cute” and all manners of really lame ways of getting in touch.

Out of all the messages I got, only 3 were messages with proper conversation.

All in all, the guys online were just as smooth as the guys in real life. I don’t know why I was expecting more. Perhaps because this time there had been more time to think of some interesting and funny to write?

Read our Profile

This isn’t real life. You’re not walking up to a girl in a bar and saying, “Hey!” and waiting for an immediate reply. You need to send a message that at least shows you’ve read her profile. Instead of asking her what she does for fun when it’s clearly stated on her profile.

Check your compatibility

If it says you’re more enemy than compatible, then move on! Don’t get in touch and say something stupid like, “I see we have a lot in common” when it’s clear that we are more likely to stab each other than be friends.

Don’t say, “You’re cute”

We know. Just cuz you noticed doesn’t mean we’re supposed to be thankful. Write something more. In fact, how about don’t write “you’re cute,” and write something intelligent and funny that shows you actual notice us as people.

Don’t compliment us and then put us down

Yeah, that only serves to make us angry. We’re not idiots. I got a message that said, “I thought you were cool until I read you liked Paulo Coelho.” Uh… ok? Good for you. What? Should I be thankful that you bestowed your attention upon me? Uh no, move on… This girl has got better things to do.

Really, put a little effort into it. I deactivated my account soon after. It just got boring. I’d much rather be badly hit on in real life, in a bar. At least I can have alcohol to numb the stupidity.

Have you tried online dating? What has been your experience?

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