In part 18 of La Muschi’s erotic journey, the blindfold remains in place as the sensations intensify…

After a few minutes of silence, your lady friend eases her way off the sofa and stands facing the lesbian couple. Her nipples are erect, her pupils dilated and memories of La Muschi´s tongue circling her moist pussy race around her head making her feel slightly dizzy. She takes La Muschi´s out-stretched hand and cautiously moves closer to Laura.

‘Kiss her,’ La Muschi orders her flatmate. Startled, you raise your hand towards the black lace cloth that covers your eyes.

‘Don´t remove your blindfold. Just listen to me.’

La Muschi 18

You don´t recognize the voice, but feel you should obey.

La Muschi licks Laura´s neck, her finger still exploring Laura´s depth. La Muschi speaks…

‘I believe every man wants to know how to satisfy a woman,’ she says in a knowledgeable tone. ‘However, most men concentrate on satisfying themselves first.’ You listen attentively.

La Muschi removes her finger and separating the kissing couple, runs that same finger across her flatmate’s lips. ‘Let me suck it,’ her flat mate insists.

‘Be my guest,’ La Muschi says. The desire to see what is going on overwhelms you and though you try to have a sneaky look, you are ordered yet again to wait for another little while.

The three women make their way over to the famous armchair and Laura sits down first. La Muschi´s flatmate kneels before her and spreading Laura´s legs begins to kiss her soft pubic hair. La Muschi, standing behind the chair, cups Laura´s breasts and playfully squeezes them as her flatmate´s kisses intensify. Laura groans erotically and La Muschi continues to talk.

‘The first thing you must learn is how to pace yourself,’ she explains. ‘Women like to take things slowly, we like to be kissed, licked, caressed, touched, fondled and THEN fucked.’

‘Lick my pussy,’ Laura whispers and La Muschi´s flatmate does so, as Laura runs her fingers through her hair. ‘Hmm yeah, just like that.’ Laura, loving the attention, leans her head back and pulls her own lips apart allowing the other woman´s tongue to enter her slowly.

‘A woman´s vagina is a complex thing. It is deep and beautiful and requires a lot of attention,’ La Muschi continues. ‘It needs to be kissed before it will allow you to explore it. It needs to be wide open and wet before it will accept any visitors and contrary to public belief, my friend, most women do not come through penetration. You must take the time to discover exactly how to turn a woman on. You must learn to listen and observe.’

‘You may remove your blindfold now,’ she says. ‘You can watch, but you will not be invited to participate, so if that was what you were beginning to think… then you might as well leave us now.’

Taking the scarf off slowly, you utter in a somewhat uncomfortable way… ‘If it´s alright with you ladies I´d like to stay.’ ‘You have been invited to,’ La Muschi says. ‘Consider yourself a lucky man. This is a lesson in loving women, firsthand.’


To be continued…

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