Our erotic tale continues with Part 4 of La Muschi’s adventures…

‘Get out of the fucking way, you asshole!’

‘Jesus H. Christ! What is your fucking problem?’

Morning traffic. Red light, red light… Sigh.

‘About fucking time!’

La Muschi’s behind the wheel. She gets a green light at last. She parks. Gets out of the car and relieved actually discovers that she’s made it to the studio on time. Thoughts of the previous night temporarily erased from her mind and all due to the road rage. See, even La Muschi is in a hurry sometimes!

She takes a deep breath and suddenly memories of her face buried between Laura´s legs and the sweet taste of success, come flooding back to her… almost literally. As she makes her way across the car park she feels a tiny drop of moisture trickling down her inner thigh. She gives the security guard a cheeky grin as she recomposes herself. 

So, the initial wait is over and your lips are closing in on hers. Don’t kiss her straight away. Play around. Entice her. Lick her tongue… slowly first. Suck it. Enjoy the softness, the sweetness, the circular movements as your mouths introduce each other and the kissing gets more and more intense. Her pussy is starting to pulsate. Those juices are starting to flow and yes, her pupils well and truly dilated now.

She stops. She excuses herself and makes her way to the ladies. She’s experienced a tiny wave of panic. It happens. She wants you, she wants to strip for you or better still be undressed by you, dance for you. She wants to kiss your neck, your chest (licking your nipples) and all the way down to your throbbing manhood. She’s going to suck you, maybe even deep throat you… take your erection and make it hers. Then she’ll lie down, naked, and wait to be seduced by you. Her pussy will be like a beautiful well… wet and wide open. You’ll stand back and watch with bated breath as she fondles her breasts; strokes herself, caresses her lady garden and, as she gets wetter, slides a finger inside herself, then slowly licks that same finger tasting her own juices and dying for you to do the same. She won’t take her eyes off you.

But first, she needs to brace herself, pull herself together and make the few finishing touches to her hair, her make-up, before rejoining you and her rum & coke. As she makes her way back to your table, she can’t help noticing that the waitress is watching her with desire and turning away, she blushes. It’s all good, dude. Don’t fret. You’re on a winner. Keep calm because you are in for the ride of your life!

The front door opens and closes rapidly. La Muschi throws her coat and bag on the sofa calling out ‘Laura, I´m home darling’. No reply. She makes her way to their bedroom and finds Laura in bed. Waiting. Lights out!

To be continued…

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