Part 10 of our delicious tale continues from where we last left off…

You hear a loud bang, followed by laughter. Then, you suddenly remember the groaning you had overheard while you were undressing this beautiful woman whose nakedness you appreciate as your tongue continues to delight in her depth. Of course, your desire to devour this creature made you completely forget about anyone else’s sexual endeavors.

La Muschi runs the cold glass bottle from one of Laura’s breasts to the other, down her stomach and stops with the neck rubbing dangerously close to Laura’s increasingly swollen clitoris. Laura, still sitting, moves her hard ass further down the bed and watches as La Muschi proceeds to tip the bottle at an angle that allows just a small mouthful to flow between Laura’s legs. La Muschi dives like a bird of prey and sucks her lover’s sweet-tasting pussy hard. Laura closes her legs on la Muschi’s thirsty mouth and tightening her grip she watches as La Muschi drinks every drop from her newfound cup, the fizz and La Muschi’s mouth causing a tingling sensation, which Laura feels all the way through her aching body.

‘That’s it baby, drink from me. I want you to make me come in your mouth.’

‘I will,’ La Muschi replies confidently.

Laura moans. La Muschi’s tongue delves inside Laura and with hard, fast movements she dives deeper and deeper, stopping only now and again to lick Laura’s love juice from her own lips. Laura releases her grip and lies back on the bed. Beads of sweat roll down La Muschi’s back. The rhythm increases and it seems that La Muschi is insatiable.

‘Yes, yes… oh fuck,’ Laura groans. ‘I want you so deep inside me.’

After what seems like a wonderful eternity, La Muschi stops tongue-fucking and climbs Laura’s naked body until they are face to face.

‘Want to taste yourself?’ she says, as she kisses Laura passionately, without waiting for an answer.

‘Now you understand why I can’t get enough of you?’

Laura, embarrassed, grabs a pillow, placing it over her face to hide her shyness. La Muschi loved that about her. Even after all this time… she could still make Laura blush.

Laura removes the pillow, takes the opened bottle and, as La Muschi returns to her lover’s pussy, Laura takes a swig. Just as she swallows, La Muschi suddenly fingers her. First one, then two fingers find their way into Laura’s beautiful pussy. ‘More, more… please baby,’ she begs as she puts the cava on the floor beside their bed.

La Muschi admires how open her lover is and thrusts two more fingers inside her. ‘Fuck me… fuck me.’ La Muschi does. She fucks her until she is close to orgasm. Laura’s interior muscles close in on La Muschi’s hand and seem to hold on for dear life as la Muschi rhythmically gives her lover pleasure. Laura, now lying down, plays with her own nipples, squeezing them hard and biting her bottom lip. ‘Harder,’ she implores. The fucking intensifies.

After a few minutes, you sit up and, mounting your woman, you rest your hard-on between her legs gently. You slowly rub your manhood from side to side over her cunt and watch as her body seems to invite you in. She looks at your erect penis and smiles. ‘Wait! I want you to tease me some more,’ she whispers.

A nearby scream of pleasure startles you both and, looking down, you delight as your cock starts to feel her moisture all over it. ‘My pleasure,’ you say politely.

To be continued…

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