Part 12 continues our darkly erotic narrative from where we last left off…

‘What is the yoghurt for, honey?’ Laura asks inquisitively. There was a moment silence. ‘I thought that I was the only dessert you needed.’ She winks at La Muschi, who has the frozen spoon in one hand and the fruit of the forest delight in the other.

‘Lie back and spread your legs for me,’ La Muschi commands.

‘Talk dirty to me and I just might,’ Laura replies, in a low husky voice.

‘Do it, bitch. Lie the fuck down and let me put the icing on my cake.’

Seconds later, La Muschi is rubbing the ice-cold implement over her lover’s wet and waiting pussy. She removes it slowly and dips it into the tub. Laura’s back arches and, resting on her elbows, she watches with bated breath as her lover smears the yoghurt along the inside of her quavering thigh and into her cunt, until it is literally dripping from her. The freezing, creamy liquid flows abundantly and La Muschi, who still has the sweet taste of cava on her lips, is now licking and sucking Laura again.

‘Baby, eat me all up’.

‘This time, I´ll make you come,’ La Muschi utters between delicious mouthfuls. Laura had no doubt about that.

‘Suck me, suck me… that’s it,’ Laura implores. ‘Harder, oh yes. Fuck. Fuck. Yes, yes… take me, eat me… fuck. I want to come for you baby. Make me come.’ 

Groaning and gripping the side of the bed, Laura’s legs wide apart, her pussy on fire despite the cold, she moans and wriggles as La Muschi takes her lover’s hard clit in her mouth.

‘Yes. Yes. Fuck.’ She watches with that almost aggressive look in her eyes, as this sexual being devours her. La Muschi’s breasts are full. Her hips thrusting as she sucks. ‘Do you want me to come in your mouth Musch?’ she asks almost innocently.

 ‘Fuck, yeah. I want your come. I want to taste it. I want to swallow it.’ 

Laura opens her eyes for a second and sees that her lover is fingering herself. ‘Go deeper,’ she begs. La Muschi does. Laura watches intently. ‘Imagine it’s my finger. Imagine it’s me inside you.’

As the pace quickens, Laura lets out a passionate scream and shouts, ‘Fuck, I´m going to come, babe. Yes, I’m going to come in your mouth. Don’t stop touching yourself. Don’t stop,’ she manages to gasp, as she climaxes hard. La Muschi’s lips part and she swallows… as promised. La Muschi reaches her climax too and they collapse together, their naked bodies drenched with sweat.

Laura pulls La Muschi gently by the hair. ‘Rub your breasts between my legs.’ La Muschi obeys, guiding her erect nipple into her woman’s pulsating pussy. Come and yoghurt smother it. ‘Come here. I want that nipple in my mouth,’ Laura demands. She sucks it, as she fondles those breasts that she so dearly loves. ‘Yeah, you’re right baby. I do taste good,’ Laura says.

‘What can I say?’ La Muschi replies.

‘Think it’s time that I tasted you,’ Laura says smiling.

La Muschi gestures that perhaps the shower would be the perfect place.

‘Lead the way.’

They climb off the bed, sticky and still so horny, and make their way to the bathroom, hand in hand. 

To be continued…

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