In the penultimate chapter of our erotic tale, things were seriously heating up apace. Now, finally, the story reaches its climax…

Your eyes are transfixed on Laura. You are lying on your back. Your legs are spread and your cock is hard. For the first time you are being fucked. Really fucked and it feels great to let yourself go to this extent. Distant memories of school boy sex games seem pale in comparison to this experience. It feels alright to lose control. Laura knows what she’s doing and you feel completely comfortable with her. Her latex dildo penetrating just that little bit more every second and you are fucking loving it. You don’t feel any less of a man, in fact maybe this experience will make you a better man, a more versatile lover in the future.

Original Erotica: Freedom

La Muschi and her flat mate are lost in a world of fluids, fucking and fabulousness and as there has always been so much trust between La Muschi and her girlfriend, the game continues. Nobody is jealous. Nobody feels left out. It’s just another sexual experience and one that, however significant right now it seems, will never change the way anybody in the room feels about anyone else. At least that is the theory.

You catch your lover ejaculating as La Muschi pumps her ass with that lubricated phallic symbol and you, at that moment, tell Laura that you are about to cum.

‘You can cum with me inside you or if you’d prefer me to release… you can cum on me if you like.’

‘Ok. Free me. I want to cum on you if that´s cool.’

‘Be my guest,’ Laura smiles.

She pulls away from you and you take your throbbing erection in your right hand and jerk yourself off aggressively.

‘Come on. Do it for me. I want to spread your spunk all over my nipples,’ she says in a low sexy voice.

‘Fuck yeah. You are so beautiful. I’m going to cum for you.’

You shoot your load all over Laura´s soft, sensual breasts and she rubs your semen into her sallow skin.

Just before you finish and your swollen cock is red and raw, you see La Muschi out of the corner of your eye and watch your new lover. La Muschi, exhausted sits back on the sofa and her flat mate lies face down. You want to fuck that woman – the woman that you met, just five or six hours ago – so badly. Everything has been wild, free and crazy since you ‘landed’ in this flat with these three delectable women, that you wish this night would last forever.

The four of you seem to be in perfect timing with each other and just as the last drop of spunk falls from your penis and lands on Laura´s left nipple, everyone seems to take a deep breath together.

‘Fuck this. It´s time for a drink’ a voice says. It is the voice of La Muschi, of course.

The End?

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