The strange, sexual adventures of La Muschi continue, the lines between reality and fantasy blurring even further in Part 16 of our ongoing story…

‘She came home from work one night,’ she says between moans, ‘and she was telling me how she had just caught her lover at the time, in bed with another woman.’

‘Mmmm… don´t stop,’ she groans.

The walls of her vagina close in on your hard cock and she thrusts her body towards you as the pace quickens. ‘Go on,’ you say as you suddenly realize that she must be talking about one of the two women in the bathroom. This thought turns you on even more and you decide to slow the pace down just a little… easing your penis in and out of her deep, moist pussy.

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‘Can you feel how wet I am?’ she asks. ‘Yes, I can, and can you feel how hard you make me?’

‘Mmmm,’ she whispers and continues her story.

‘So, I felt sorry for her. Naturally, I hugged her as she wept. She told me what a good friend I was and how living with me was turning out to be such a lovely experience. It felt safe and warm in her arms and before I knew it, I was running my fingers through her hair. Then, she held me tighter and kissed my cheek. I kissed her back and soon, we were biting gently on each other’s lips.’

‘Sounds perfect to me,’ you say as you break into a smile and your imagination starts to run wild.

You slide completely out of her and rub your erection along her inner thigh. She asks you to kneel on the sofa before her… ‘I want to taste myself,’ she says as she takes you in her mouth. You stretch out your right arm and hold the wall to keep your balance, still blindfolded, and she sucks your dick for a few minutes before pulling you to her and guiding your mouth to her left breast. You lick her nipple and take it in your mouth. She jerks you off as you suck.

 ‘Why won´t you let me see you?’ you enquire. ‘Oh, I have a little surprise for you,’ she replies.

‘Want to be back inside me?’ she asks. ‘Please,’ you implore and as she pulls on your cock, she opens her legs for you again and guides you back inside her. This time she pushes her body hard against you and you dive as deep as you can.

‘I want to make you come,’ you say. ‘I want you to show me how,’ you beg. ‘What happened next?’

‘After a few minutes of innocent, friendly kisses she started to gently bite my bottom lip and her tongue forced its way into my increasingly dry mouth. We continued kissing until the intensity magnified and we were exploring each other´s mouths desperately. She is an amazing kisser.’

At this, still inside her, you lay on top of her and your lips meet hers.

She smiles, knowing how much you are enjoying your night of passion and wonders how you will re-act when you find out what she has in store for you.

To be continued…

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