Carrying on from where we last left off, La Muschi continues this atmospheric and strange tail of sex and passion with Part 14 of this sexual odyssey…

‘Hang on baby,’ La Muschi insists. ‘I´m going to fill the bathtub for us.’

‘Ooh yeah, great idea darling.’ Laura grins at her lover before kissing her passionately. ‘How come you are so irresistible?’ La Muschi licks Laura’s neck playfully.

‘You just can’t get enough of me, can you?’ Laura exclaims with pride.

‘You know it’s true,’ La Muschi says, as she turns on the hot water tap.


The two women stand naked, wrapped in each other arms. Their cunts wet and wanting more… their soft breasts nuzzled together and their tongues entwined as they French kiss, while the bath fills with water and the room with steam.

‘You mean there’s more to come, if you’ll pardon the pun?’ you ask in a boyish voice.

She raises her eyebrows and, getting to her feet, she makes her way over to the drinks cabinet.

‘Fancy a nightcap?’ she asks.

‘Love one, thanks,’ you reply uncomfortably, seeing that your ‘joke’ sank like a lead balloon. You stand up and tell her you’re just popping to the toilet for a second. ‘Don’t be long,’ she says.

You make your way down the dark corridor and notice that a light is coming from the bathroom. The door is slightly open and as you approach, you realize that the room is occupied. You don’t want to interrupt, but before you turn away you hear the sweet sound of a woman moaning, as the water laps gently against the side of the bath. You can’t help yourself and standing silently in the darkness, you can see exactly what is happening through the crack in the door, in that lavender oil scented haven. You hold your breath, terrified that you’ll be heard. You feel like a voyeur, but you just can’t help yourself.

The two women take it turn to finger fuck each other, both moist pussies delighting in the other’s touch. Laura is on top and La Muschi’s legs spread wide open, resting on the edge of the cold ceramic.

‘I told you it was my turn next,’ Laura says as she slides two fingers deep inside her lover’s cunt. The bath is half full and after a few minutes of intense penetration, Laura encourages La Muschi to roll over and get on all fours.

La Muschi’s nipples harden as she assumes the position and Laura kneels behind her, rubbing her juices all over La Muschi’s wet ass.

‘You ready baby?’ Laura asks in a low, husky voice.

‘Always ready for you,’ La Muschi moans.

Laura teases her woman’s ass and suddenly takes La Muschi from behind. ‘Yes, fuck yes,’ La Muschi manages to mutter as Laura delights in the pleasure she is giving while she fucks her baby’s ass.

Then Laura plays with La Muschi’s open, sticky cunt and slides her middle finger right inside her, as she fucks her from behind at the same time. La Muschi moves in time. Her body slides forwards and backwards rhythmically. The sweet smelling water tickles La Musch’s erect nipples.

‘Don’t stop.’

Laura has no intention of stopping. 

The story will continue…

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