In Chapter 24 of our erotic saga, La Muschi reveled in domination. Now, in Chapter 25, La Muschi’s sexual reign continues…

La Muschi rides her flat-mate rhythmically, the leather harness strapped tightly around her waist and the latex cock rubbing increasingly harder against her own pussy. Her flat-mate’s ass is open to anything and La Muschi thrusts in and out, in and out as she fucks her ‘victim’. Her flat-mate groans passionately as she feels the pressure. Her muscles tighten around the hard dildo and she moves her hips involuntarily to the same beat. Her cunt is soaking. La Muschi´s cunt is soaking. Her flat-mate feels as though she could ejaculate at any time, but doesn’t dare until she has been given the ok from her dominatrix. She tries to speak, but is unable to and so bites down harder on the rubber bit between her teeth.

Latex Haven

‘Did you want to say something darling?’ La Muschi asks… pumping her harder and faster.

Her flat-mate nods and La Muschi removes the bit for a split second, to hear what her flat mate has to say.

‘I want to ejaculate… I can’t wait anymore. I want to soak you. I want to soak your body, your breasts. And then, I want to cum in your mouth.’ Her flat-mate, gasping for air, had barely finished her sentence when La Muschi gags her mouth again.

‘I’ll be gentle at first,’ Laura groans into your ear. ‘Tell me if it’s too much too soon, ok?’ she requests. You nod and spread your legs. She runs the tip of the now lubricated cock between the cheeks of your tight ass and you shiver.  ‘It’s ok,’ she assures you. ‘It is just a game.’ Then she slides a few centimetres inside you. Your muscles contract and you wince, but not in pain.

‘Is that ok big man?’ she asks.

‘Yes, please… go on,’ you reply.

The phallic sex toy loses itself inside you and the pleasure is almost unbearable. This beautiful woman knows how to fuck and you are loving the feeling of being fucked by her. She is powerful and dominant and you are at her mercy.

‘Can you take more?’ she whispers.

‘I can take it all,’ you moan. She continues to pump ‘her’ cock deep inside your ass and you start to feel light-headed. Then suddenly she reaches that spot, the same spot that you have read about and even dared to talk about with your intimate friends.

‘The most perfect thing for me would be to make you cum as I fuck your ass,’ she cries. You don’t doubt for a second that this is exactly what is going to happen.

La Muschi releases her love truncheon from deep inside her flat-mate and, climbing off her, lies underneath her and allows herself to be saturated as this sexy woman ejaculates all over her torso.

‘Yes, yes,’ she says as the warm, transparent liquid covers her naked breasts.

Looking over at her girlfriend, La Muschi smiles and lies back, enjoying every moment.

‘God I love these dirty sex games,’ she thinks to herself.

To be continued…

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