As a young woman’s cowboy fantasy edges nearer and nearer to reality, she is unable to keep her hands off herself… Our tale continues…

I don’t think I slept all night. The fever that consumed my body and my fantasies turned the cool desert night into an inferno. I snuck off into the shared bathroom at the camp site and stripped down in one of the stalls. No one else was in the bathroom and I used the space as my only opportunity to relieve myself of the insistent ache that had turned my body into a throbbing need to be touched.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.III

I started slowly, caressing and kissing my own arms while imagining my cowboy’s hands gently pulling me towards his body. I ran my hands down the shape of my ribs and hips, deliberately avoiding my breasts as I passed the full ripeness of their desperation. I felt the curve of my hips and grabbed onto the bones that jutted out, framing my vagina like two soldiers guarding the eager princess; my virgin peach.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.III

The thought of my cowboy’s penis, hard against my belly and then entering my body and making me a woman was enough to turn the slow exploration of my flesh into a frenzied rush toward climax. My eyes closed and my mind started scanning through images from my brother’s sex magazines, imagining my own body and my cowboy performing every possible act of love.

I imagined his penis inside my mouth while he used his tongue to prepare my secret opening for the first fuck. I pinched my nipples hard and moaned at the sensation that seemed to fill every part of my body and gather in a mass just below my belly. My fingers parted the flesh of my vagina to touch the need so deep inside me and I had never been so wet, so swollen, so ready to explode. My clitoris was swollen and the lightest touch, my favorite circle pattern around the hard little ball was so delicious that it was almost painful. Not the kind of pain that hurts, the kind of pain that feels like ecstasy.

I climaxed quickly but it went on and on… The drum beat of pleasure exploding through my whole being, the uncontrollable quickening of breath and the rigidity of my spine as I squeezed my legs together, begging the moment to last forever. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop…”

To be continued… 

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