The riding lesson looks like it’s about to begin... but is it what our girl has been waiting for?

“I’ve got to run down and bring Cisco the chainsaw. I’ll be back in about twenty minutes”, my cowboy said, looking at the pregnant girl from the gas station. He finally turned his gaze to me. “My sister here will get you all set up.” I tried not to show my relief that the girl was his sister and not his girlfriend or worse, his wife.

My grandparents were fidgeting as the situation felt vague and somewhat uncomfortable. As the cowboy walked away, my grandmother broke the tension by asking how long the lesson would be and where they should wait. We all looked at the sister, whose name we still didn’t know, hoping that she would miraculously make the whole thing seem perfectly normal. When she didn’t speak up right away, my grandfather reminded my grandmother that they had purchased tickets for a tour of an old ghost town and that they’d better be on their way… Without even seeing their faces, I knew that grandpa was going to be punished for at least the rest of the day if not for the next few days for undermining her concerns. The sister finally spoke up. ” It’ll be at least a couple hours from when Jesse gets back. You all oughta go on and do your thing cause there’s not much going on around here.” I loved her.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.V

My grandfather asked me if I was certain that I wanted to go through with the lesson and when I said yes he took my grandma’s arm in an attempt to leave. I couldn’t tell what combination of rage and fear consumed her as she braced herself to leave me in the hands of strangers. Strangers from a world that was obviously suspect on many levels. I held my breath as they got themselves settled and the engine started to hum.

That left me and the sister and the dilapidated shack and the dust in the air. For a split second I felt a terror rise up my back but the thought of my cowboy’s bulge reminded me of why I was there. “Let’s go saddle up the horses”, the sister said with in a curt tone. This is how it all begins. You’ve gotta cinch up their bellies tight and show ’em who’s boss”. I had no idea what she was talking about but her words reminded me of some of the more racy stories in my brother’s porn stash. I wondered if she knew about the love connection between me and her brother and if she was trying to let me know that she was in on our secret.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.V

When we got to the fence where the horses were grazing, she pointed to a little shack in the corner of the small field. “That’s where we keep the saddles.”

“The saddles”? I asked.

She must have thought I was a moron. “Yeah, the saddles. Unless you fancy riding bareback. But look where that got me,” she rubbed her hands over the bulge in her belly.

I was confused. I felt like she was speaking to me in a foreign language and I was supposed to be understanding every word she said.


We heard the sound of my Cowboy’s truck blowing up more dust as he roared into the front yard of the house. “We’d better get busy,” his sister said. I sensed fear in her voice. She looked me straight in the eyes and whispered, “You never want to step on a scorpion.”

I had put the saddle on the horse that I would be riding. She was brown with a few large white spots on her face and body. She was kind of skinny and didn’t look like she could move very fast which was fine with me. I had been instructed to pull the belt as tight as I could around her belly in case she was expanding her girth to spite me, but I didn’t have the heart to crush what looked like skin and bones.

Finally my cowboy came over to where his sister and I were awkwardly getting the horses ready for my lesson. “I’ll take it from here”, he said, giving me a sly wink. As his sister was finally leaving he grabbed her wrist hard enough to make it look painful and warned her to take care of their baby. I felt that confusion again. As if I were in a parallel universe where everything was crystal clear and my head was full of cotton at the same time.


I was deep into a fantasy that we would never actually have to get on the horses. We would feel the pull of one another so strongly that we’d wind up making love all afternoon on a blanket somewhere just beyond the little horse shack. I was sure we shared the mounting sense of urgency to be undressing amidst kisses and a perfectly choreographed dance that would end with the loss of my virginity and heartache when the “lesson” was over. He’d probably follow my grandparent’s mobile home all the way back to Ohio and beg my parents to let him marry me…

“Hop on”, was all he said. I must have looked confused. “The first thing you gotta do if you plan on ridin’ a horse is mount him. Climb on up.” I tried fairly feebly to put my foot in the stirrup and lift myself onto the horse. It was much higher off the ground than I had imagined. Actually, I had not imagined climbing up onto a horse’s back. Ever. I knew that my attempt was as ungraceful as could be, so I pulled myself together, stood up tall and unsnapped my shirt. Slowly. One snap at a time. I imagined the effect of my small but perky breasts against my nearly sheer tank top and I felt myself breath. I felt myself get wet inside my panties as I tied my shirt around my waist. I tried to use my voice and my body to get what I wanted. “Would you help me climb up”? I did my best to purr as I turned my back to him and put a foot in the stirrup with a jut of my hip. I turned my head toward him and gave him a wink.

To be continued…

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