In this chapter, our young sexual explorer is about to discover that learning to ride is a lot harder than she ever imagined…

“Well, giddyup then”, he said as he came up behind me and lifted me onto the animal. “You’re lookin’ for some trouble and you came to the right place”. I felt myself turn red and tried to maintain my come-hither attitude while regaining my composure. Trouble was beside me. At last.

My cowboy jumped up onto his horse and told me to hug with my thighs and follow his lead. He began to trot off and my horse did nothing. “Give her a little kick”, he called as he seemed to get further away. I gave a tentative kick with my heels and somehow the animal began to move. I was actually riding a horse.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.VI

The excitement of moving through space atop a living beast nearly took over my desires but I quickly remembered my mission and gave another kick so I could catch up with my prize. We rode for what seemed like forever and I finally called for him to stop. We had been riding along the edge of a dried riverbed and my imagination had taken me to a perfect fantasy that began with getting off our horses.

“You getting’ cold nerves”? He shot back. I told him I just wanted to take in the desert scene and have a little rest. He stopped his horse and my horse seemed to know just what to do. She stopped and we waited for the cowboy to ride back to us. He threw his leg into the air and hopped down. He walked over to me and instructed me to get off my horse. I was hoping for some assistance but he just looked at me and repeated that I should get off the horse. I put my foot in the stirrup and made my way down to solid ground. “Now crawl over to that pinon”. He pointed to a small bush which I assumed must have been the pinon and when I looked at his face expecting to see a smile and that twinkle in his eye, I was met with a severe expression that felt dangerous.

“Get down and crawl,” he said again. My legs felt wobbly and stiff at the same time. I realized I must have been squeezing the horse’s body really hard. My cowboy took my head in his hands, forced it towards him and said, “You asked for this, now crawl”. I felt terror rise through my body and my head exploded with confusion. Before I could figure out what to do, he pushed me down and gave me kick on my bottom. “Crawl”.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.VI

I felt humiliated and afraid but as I began to crawl I felt desire more intensely than I had ever imagined. I found myself trying to move my hips like a wild cat as I crawled across the hot dirt toward the pinon bush. “Good girl”, my cowboy said. When I reached the pinon I was immediately given my next instruction. “Lay down on your back and take off your pants”. “Will you come take them off”? I asked. “Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt. I tell you what to do. You don’t say a fucking word.”

Before I knew what was happening I felt tears well up in my eyes. For the first time I felt like I had made a big mistake. I imagined that I was going to be killed and left for the hyenas or coyotes or whatever desert animals ate carcasses and that were left to rot in the sun. The cowboy came over and slapped my face. Hard. Then he pushed me onto my back and got on top of me. He pushed the bulge in his pants against my body, rubbing himself against my belly and my hips and clitoris and even though I was terrified, I couldn’t help myself, I wanted more.

To be continued…

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