It’s hard going out in the Wild, as our blossoming heroine finds out in the conclusion to our tale…

Before I could wrap my arms and legs around his body to pull him closer, he turned me over so that my face was in the dirt. He reached underneath my hips and lifted me up just enough to unbutton and unzip my pants. He grabbed the waist of my jeans and cursed as he struggled to pull them off my body. They were tight and he finally had to grab them down at the ankles and pull them off me. I tried to twist myself away from him but he only got angry and covered my mouth with both hands, pushing my face against the rough earth. I felt like I was suffocating and tried again to squirm out from under his strong body. He pinned me down, brought his face right up to my ear and whispered, “If you make another sound, I will fucking kill you. Is that what you want? Do you want me to kill you or do you want me to fuck you?” I tried to answer that I wanted him to fuck me through his rigid fingers but again, he told me to shut the fuck up.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.VIII

I decided to be still. I was sure that he was going to kill me no matter what I did, but in my terror, all I could think to do was comply. “That’s a good girl”, he whispered as he slowly let go of my face and actually seemed to notice my body. “I can give you pleasure little girl, but only if you behave.” I wanted to tell him I’d behave but I was too afraid to speak so I just lay still, wondering what was going to happen next.

I was surprised when he actually touched me gently. His big hands grazed the curve of my bottom and then I felt the heat of his breath as he brought his head down to my flesh. He reached again beneath my hips, this time without hurting me and lifted my body up so that I was in the doggy position. I knew this from the magazines and I relaxed again as the scene matched a picture I was familiar with. When he licked the inside of my bottom, all the way inside my cheeks, I was at first stunned and then aroused all over again. He worked slowly, giving me the pleasure he’d promised. Licking and breathing and taking me in as if I were the last of the ice cream in a bowl that he was determined to lick clean. “Mmmm, you smell sweet, your virgin pussy is going to feel so good. Tell me you want me to fuck you. Tell me you want it. Beg for it little sister.” I told him I wanted it. I begged him to fuck me. I did want it. I wanted it badly.

Finally he stood up and unbuckled his belt. I tried to look but he bent down and spanked me hard on my bare ass again and again. “Don’t look at me you slut. You horny little snake. And don’t make a sound unless I tell you to”. I was still on the ground with my bottom in the air, confused and aroused and scared and excited. He stood up again and I heard him pull his pants down. My senses were so alert that I could smell the warmth of his body making it’s way toward me. I heard him kick off his boots and take his pants off. There was a split second of nothing and them he got down on the ground and started licking me again. This time, after he made sure I was nice and wet, he brought his penis right up against me and used his hand to guide the tip of it around my anus and against the opening of my vagina. I wanted to reach down and touch myself but was afraid to move. I had to just wait while all my openings shuddered with anticipation and desire. “Call me big brother,” he said. “Tell me you want your big brother’s big cock inside you. We won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our secret. Come on, call me big brother…”

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.VIII

Terrified and aroused, I called him cowboy. I begged for cock. I writhed in the dirt to move my hips up as close to his smooth, protruding, warm hammer as I could manage hoping he’d pound me into oblivion. It occurred to me as he pushed himself into my anus, that I had found the scorpion and was being stung with his poisonous tail.

At first I felt like I was going to break into so many splintered pieces I would simply disappear. Then, slowly, like a steady tide, I began to feel the pleasure as my cowboy gently pushed  himself further into me and then with actual tenderness withdrew. Back and forth until the motion became one movement that connected our bodies in a circular hum.

I forgot the fear and I forgot the pain as the sounds of our breathing filled the desert landscape. The walls inside my body seemed to be pushing into one another as pleasure and desire made every part of me swell and ache. “Please”, I begged, “please fuck me. I’m a virgin and I want you to make me a woman.” In one quick motion, he turned my body over. I was lying on my back and looking up into the face of both hell and heaven. He reached down between my legs and slipped a finger inside me, then two fingers. “Nice and wet”, he said before pushing the head of his penis up against my opening. I hadn’t considered how big he would be when I fantasized about this moment. My bottom felt like a big bruise and I wondered if I would be able to walk when we were finished.

My cowboy was surprisingly gentle as he slowly nudged his way inside me. After a few excruciating pushes, he was all the way in. I waited for the sensations to feel good but my body was not cooperating. It hurt as he quickened his rhythm and I had to hold back tears. After a very short time, my cowboy’s breathing changed and he began to moan like a wild animal. His body became stiff and he pulled me right up against him before he fell on top of me, his heart pounding right through me and into the ground.

In a split second everything changed again. He jumped up, put on his clothes and ordered me to do the same. As I dizzily picked up my body and began trying to find my clothes he threw a canteen full of water at my feet and then handed me a bandana. He told me to clean up. It was time to be heading back.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.VIII


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