Marisol’s eyes welled up with tears. She choked and started to cry.

“License and registration”

Half blinded by the officer’s flashlight, Marisol started pawing through her purse, accidentally spilling the contents onto the floor of the passenger seat. She heaved and started sobbing loudly.

“Step out of the car.”

The officer stepped back and Marisol opened the door of the 2007 Range Rover. A pair of 4-inch gold high-heeled sandals appeared, followed by a pair of slender, mocha brown legs. Marisol ducked her head out and emerged in a sheer black mini dress. The dress showed off Marisol’s shapely legs nicely, and the halter-top showed the cleavage of her 36C breasts, which, tonight, were dusted with glitter. Marisol’s cocoa-colored face was sharply defined, with painted red lips, vibrant blue eye-shadow highlighting her deep brown eyes, two trails of mascara flowed from her eyes. Her long, curly brown hair was disheveled from a long night of dancing at the club.

Marisol Gets Pulled Over

As the policeman’s flashlight traced up and down her body, Marisol shivered slightly in the cool night air. The flashlight then fixed straight on her eyes.

“Have you been drinking tonight?”

Marisol took a short breath. “Um, I might have had one or two, but if I was speeding it’s just because these shoes make it hard to drive”

The flashlight pointed down at her shoes. She wiggled her toes, painted the same shade of red as her lipstick. The officer clicked his flashlight off. As Marisol’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could see the broad outline of the man who’d pulled her over. He stood just over 6 feet tall, with a chiseled face, stern eyes, and no smile. He was about 35 years old, and looked to be in good shape, as far as she could tell.

Marisol Gets Pulled Over

“How old are you?” he barked.

“19,” she whimpered.

“And you are aware that the drinking age in Arizona is still 21, right?”

“I wasn’t supposed to be driving,” Marisol whispered, in fear, “I went out with my boyfriend. I caught him making out with some woman in the bathroom, I got angry. His keys were in my purse, so I just took the car and left in a hurry. I was upset. I wasn’t thinking. I’m really sorry.” Marisol tried to wipe the mascara off of her face but managed to only smudge it.

“So,” the officer responded, “you’re driving a stolen car, under the influence of alcohol, and you’re under 21 years old. Is that everything?” The officer stared straight into Marisol’s eyes. She froze for a moment, then started tearing up again. The trooper reached into his breast pocket and removed a handkerchief. Marisol dabbed at her eyes and cheeks.

“Listen, you seem like a nice enough girl, and this is an unfortunate situation, but I don’t have too many options here.”

“Please don’t give me a ticket! If my dad finds out about this he’ll kill me, he’ll take me out of school, and I can’t afford a ticket. Please.”

“A ticket? I should be arresting you right now.”

“Please, officer,” Marisol pleaded, “I’ll do anything, please, I can’t go to jail.”

“I was hoping you might say that,” the officer said as he smiled. “You see, you never gave me your license or registration. There’s no record that I stopped you.” Marisol nodded, he continued, “What would you think if I just forget about writing you up altogether? Would you like that?” Marisol nodded again.

“That would be a really nice thing I could do for you,” the officer continued. “What’s a nice thing you could do for me?”

Marisol blushed. She looked the trooper up and down. He cut a striking figure in his uniform. She looked at his hands, they were strong, and big, and she didn’t see a ring. She looked back to his face, a five o’clock shadow gave him a rugged charm. Marisol thought of her boyfriend’s indiscretions earlier that night and smiled, “Well, I would be so happy I could kiss you.”

“Kiss me?” he asked.

“Anywhere you like.” Marisol countered. “My name is Marisol. You can call me Sol, or Mari. What’s your name?”

He picked his badge up and tucked it into the pocket that had held his handkerchief. “Let’s just stick with Officer, lest things get too complicated. Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to get back into your car. I’m going to get back into mine. You’re going to follow me a little ways up the highway. When I park, park behind me. The cameras face forward. You’re not going to run off, are you?” Marisol shook her head. “Then I’m glad I was able to give you this warning. Follow me.”

Marisol Gets Pulled Over

They drove off along the desert highway about 10 miles. The patrol car turned right down a dirt road. Marisol followed in her boyfriend’s Range Rover. The patrol car stopped. Marisol checked herself in the mirror. She dabbed her tongue onto the handkerchief and wiped away her mascara. She heard the back door open and saw the officer slide in the backseat. He’d left his hat, gun, and belt behind. All Marisol could see was a good looking, strong, authoritative man, and an opportunity to get back at her boyfriend. She opened her door and joined her new friend in the backseat.

Mari didn’t waste any time. She planted her ruby lips right on the officer’s and planted her hand on his crotch. The officer responded in kind, pushing his tongue into her sweet mouth and flexing his hardening cock at her touch. His powerful hand went straight to Marisol’s silky thigh and he stroked her while they kissed. He squeezed her soft flesh and slid his hand up to her supple ass. Marisol moaned into his mouth. The officer grabbed her hips and positioned her so that she was straddling him in the backseat, her knees at his back and her feet dangling off the seat. Marisol loved the feeling of being picked up and manhandled by this stud. She wanted to see what was underneath that uniform. She pulled away from the kiss to start unbuttoning the cop’s shirt while he stroked her thighs and ass. Marisol pulled up his undershirt to reveal a six-pack, firm pecs, a tuft of chest hair. She could smell his musk. This was a man, unlike the boy she’d left behind at the club an hour ago.

Marisol Gets Pulled Over

The officer took hold of Mari’s sheer party dress and lifted it off over her head. She sat on his knees, a stunning figure. This Mexican angel had a perfect hourglass figure. Firm breasts held tightly in a black lace bra, a smooth slim tummy, which then widened into shapely hips, covered by matching black lace panties. The officer drank her in for a moment before burying his face in her mountainous cleavage. Marisol let out a little giggle as he ravaged her. She reached around to unclasp her bra and let those beautiful melons spring free. At 19 years old, her breasts were nearly bouncing. The officer swiveled his head back and forth, planting kisses and sucking each breast, pulling her soft brown quarter-sized nipples into his mouth with his teeth, licking along the underside of these perfect tits. She whispered, “Suck my nipples,” and he obliged. Caressing her right breast with his left hand, he used his right hand to pull the other sweet orb into his face. He reached out his tongue and licked Mari’s nipple, then bit it lightly, moving it into his mouth, before sucking it hard. Marisol’s eyes widened and she moaned. She rocked back and forth on his lap, trying to grind her moistening pussy against her new lover. He released her nipple and moved his right hand down to start massaging Sol over her panties. At the same time he moved his head to her right breast and gave it the same loving treatment. Marisol squealed in ecstasy.

“I need your cock,” Marisol shouted, a bit surprised at her exuberance.

“That’s good news,” the cop responded, “because I’m ready for that kiss you promised.” Marisol slid off of his lap and proceeded to undo the officer’s fly. He shuffled his pants and underwear off and Mari gazed at the prize before her, 7 inches long and still not fully hard. Marisol eyed it hungrily and placed her thin, delicate hand onto his cock and stroked him.

“This deserves more than a kiss.” Marisol leaned down and licked the tip of his penis, then enveloped the head in her mouth. She continued to stroke her hand up and down his shaft while bobbing her head, slowly taking in more and more of his length. His cock continued to stiffen in her mouth. She licked him from his balls to the tip, slathering him in saliva as he grew to a full 9 inches. Her tiny hand gripped him tightly as her ruby red lips bobbed up and down in a steady rhythm. Her cheeks bulged as more saliva spilled from her mouth. Up and down, her hand moving in sync with her mouth, moving in a slight spiral motion.

The cop leaned over and slid a finger under her panties. She increased her pace and moaned onto his dick as he worked his thick, strong finger into her slit. Mari increased her suction, pushing her tongue onto his hard shaft, and never stopping her vertical motion. With her other hand she lightly stroked his balls and that was it. He erupted into her mouth. Wave after wave of cum flooded Mari’s mouth. She tried to swallow what she could, but let some cum dribble from her lips around his shaft. The trooper was still fingering her as he shot his load into this young vixen’s sweet mouth. He groaned. Marisol kept her mouth as a tight seal around his cock, bathing it in her warmth. The cop shuddered as Marisol kept sucking, milking his cock dry with her tongue, still moaning from the fingering she was receiving.

“Goddammit that was good!” the cop shouted.

With a slurp, Marisol pried herself off of his dick. “It’s too bad though. I was hoping to feel that big boy inside me. Think you have one more bullet in the chamber, Officer?”

Marisol Gets Pulled Over

“I think I can fire off one more round,” he smiled, “but little lady, police work is more than just using your gun. You know the best way to stop a suspect in his tracks?” Marisol shook her head no. “By being assertive, and using your mouth!”

He flipped Marisol onto the seat and rolled over onto his knees. Before she knew what was happening the officer had his face mashed into her groin, working his tongue into her pussy. Strong hands reached up and pulled her panties down over her slender legs before reaching back and grabbing hold of her firm ass. He pulled Sol into his face and plunged his tongue deep inside her warm slit. Her juices tasted sweet and the officer gladly slurped and sucked all of the sweet nectar she had. He rubbed his tongue up and down her lips, then moved up to her clit, putting a little bit of pressure down and writhing his tongue against her love button. He moved his hand underneath her ass and slipped two fingers inside. She was wet and horny. He clamped down his lips on her clit and sucked her hard. Mari grabbed the hair on his head and moaned, “Papi, don’t stop.”

Marisol held his head firmly as the officer explored her depths with his index and middle finger. He found her G-spot and began rubbing small circles while he continued to attack her clit. The smell of her sex filled the car as she began heaving. Marisol closed her eyes. Sweat formed at her temples as her breathing increased in tempo. The officer showed no sign of relenting. He increased the speed of his fingers and started flicking her clit with his tongue. Marisol couldn’t contain herself any longer. She convulsed, pulling her lover’s hair. A long moan escaped her lips. She curled her toes as her head rocked from side to side.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes…” she muttered. The officer didn’t stop. Suddenly, a loud gasp, and Mari’s eyes opened wide. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” She shook once and then her body went limp. He tasted her come as it flowed over his fingers. He looked up at his satisfied conquest. Her breasts were slowly rising and falling as she caught her breath. Her legs were splayed wide, and she was still wearing her heels. All over her lithe, young body she glistened with sweat.

“I’ve never had anything like that,” said Marisol, still recovering.

“Now that I’ve given you some tough talk, I think it’s time to bring you into custody.” He flipped her over again so that Marisol was bent over the back seat. He reached into his pants and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. In no time at all he had Marisol cuffed behind her back.

“Oh no,” Marisol thought. “Is he still going to arrest me? What if he’s some psycho? What am I doing?”

“You have the right to remain silent.”

Again, she thought, “this can’t be happening.”

“You have the right to remain silent,” the cop repeated, “but I don’t think you’ll be able to.” And with that, he slid his newly hard cock straight into her swollen pussy. Marisol moaned again. She was still extremely wet and he slid in with no trouble. With one hand he held the handcuffs and with the other he caressed Marisol’s sweet, round ass. “Will you go peacefully, or am I going to have to use some force.”

Marisol responded, “Just as long as there’s no police brutality, you use all necessary force, Officer.”

Lowdown and Dirty in the High End of Town

That was all the permission he needed. Still holding the handcuffs he cracked the other hand down hard on her ass. Marisol screamed with delight. He kept on smacking those soft butt cheeks and with each swat, Mari clenched tighter on his cock. He pulled back on the handcuffs, forcing Marisol to turn and pushed her head down on the seat. From this position he pushed deep against the walls of her pussy. He twisted the handcuffs while keeping her head down, contorting her while he pounded her relentlessly. Marisol let out a series of yelps as the cop pushed harder and harder. He clasped both hands firmly onto Marisol’s ass and dug his fingers into her flesh. He slammed his pelvis into her with all of his might. Marisol’s yelps turned into screams.

“Yes! Yes! More! More! More!” she cried

Mari’s velvety pussy pulled his cock deeper inside. Tears fell from her face as the cop thrust deeper and deeper inside of her. The car shook back and forth, the windows were all fogged up, the smell of sex and sweat was pungent in the car. The officer could feel every inch of her wanting cunt on every inch of his rock hard pole. Marisol screamed and came again. He continued to pound her. When her orgasm subsided, the cop slowed down his pace. “Are you on the pill?” He asked.

“No, I usually use condoms,” she replied.

“Then get on your knees.” Marisol complied and kneeled on the floor of the car. The officer started jerking his cock. The handcuffs forced Marisol to push her beautiful melons out before her. Her skin was flushed and her nipples were puffed up to twice their normal size. The officer couldn’t hold back any longer and unleashed two jets of white cum onto her caramel breasts. He collapsed onto the seat. Sol collapsed onto the floor. They each lay there for a minute, catching their breath, taking in the animal sex they just had. The officer put on his underwear and pants, took the key out of his pocket, and unlocked the handcuffs.

Marisol looked up at her stud. “You really know how to use your equipment, Officer.”

“Well,” he replied, “you never know what kind of situations your find yourself in out in the field.”

“I’m so glad you showed me the error of my ways. It’s a good thing you pulled me over when you did. I could have been a real danger out there on the road.”

The officer smiled. “I knew I had to be firm with you. If I let you off easy, who knows, you might get into the same trouble all over again.”

“Oh,” Marisol smirked, “that would be awful.”

“I better get back out on the road. You drive safely now. And you just make sure you’re not speeding on that same stretch of highway Saturday nights from 1am to 6am. I’d hate to have to pull you over again.”

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