Things were getting kinky when we last off. Now, in Part 22 of La Muschi’s tale of lust, someone must learn to take orders…

You feel the scented oil trickling from the nape of your neck, down your muscular back. Again those strong hands take control, easing their way from your shoulders downwards. ‘Hmmm that feels so good,’ you mumble.

La Muschi begins to question you about other experiences you have had, with the intention of getting to know you a little better. She still does not know your name. Maybe she never will. Maybe it makes no difference. Maybe, it´s better that way.

You tell her that you’ve never had sex with a guy, but you have, like many men you know, had fantasies about such sexual endeavours. ‘I have no problem with homosexuality, you understand. It´s just that I love women too much,’ you explain. La Muschi grins, completely understanding where you’re coming from. She tells you that she´s going to borrow your lover for a while and you know that tonight, anything goes.

Original Erotica: Mistress & Servant

She eases your lover away from you. Now only one pair of hands continue to massage you.

La Muschi gently licks her flatmate’s lips. She slips her tongue inside her friend’s mouth and the two women kiss for a while. As they kiss, La Muschi wraps a rope around her flatmate’s waist and ties it quite tightly around her stomach. She stops kissing her and, wrapping the rope diagonally across her flatmate´s chest, she drapes either end over her friend´s shoulders. She spins her around and ties the rope from behind, then again around the front, until both of this naked woman´s beautiful breasts are held apart tightly within a bondage circle. She feels the urge to suck those erect nipples, but contains herself… for the moment. She pushes her flatmate to her knees and suddenly, La Muschi is aware that her own pussy is dangerously close to her flatmate’s mouth. She begins to thrust herself forward.

‘You haven´t tasted my cunt tonight yet, have you?’ La Musci exclaims. ‘Do you want to?’

Her flatmate nods as a servant to their master. La Muschi stands, legs slightly apart and allows her flatmate to lick her pussy. First outside, then in. Before she feels the muscles contract and consequently forgets what she is doing, she takes a step backwards. She forces her flatmate to her feet again and leads her to the sofa.

‘I want you on all fours,’ she commands. Her flatmate obeys, resting on her elbows, her upper body in bondage, her knees bent and her legs open. Waiting.

La Muschi reaches for a bit-gag and a collar. She carefully places the rubber bar into her flatmate´s mouth. She secures it in place. She ties the collar around her flatmate´s neck. La Muschi holds a laytex dildo up for her flatmate to see. Her flatmate nods subserviently and watches as La Muschi secures the dildo into her leather harness.

Her flatmate, gagged, watched as La Muschi approached her…

To be continued… 

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