In the last chapter, some special equipment came out. Now the adventurous fun continues in Chapter 23…

Music continues to fill the sex laden room and Laura smiles at her girlfriend who stands facing her, wearing nothing but a made-to-measure leather harness and a colorful, latex cock. ‘Enjoy,’ she says.

‘You too darling,’ La Muschi replies.

You remain motionless, completely relaxed, face down on the towel, which is now seeped in massage oil. Laura has positioned herself on top of you, just above your waistline, and suddenly begins to slide her increasingly wet vagina up and down your torso. You panic for a moment, afraid that things are not going according to plan, concerned that your lady friend is going to be jealous or, even worse, that La Muschi is going to strangle you if she realizes what is happening. Your heart starts to beat faster. You cannot see what Laura can see. You want to jump up, get dressed and excuse yourself. Maybe it is all too much for you. After all, you only went down to the pub for a few quiet pints. You hadn’t banked on this.

Original Erotica: Role Reversal

Laura´s moisture mixes perfectly with the scented liquid that is covering your back and she continues to slide over your ever-tense body. ‘Relax,’ she says. ‘It´s ok.’  She lies on top of you, her legs spread and her breasts against your back. Her nipples are hard and her pussy soaking. ‘I want you on your hands and knees,’ she whispers.

‘Should I do as I´m told?’ you ask her in a low voice.

‘That´s what I like to hear,’ she answers. ‘Just give in… let yourself go,’ she says.

‘But what about…?’ you say.

‘I have her permission, and she mine,’ she interrupts.

‘Sex is supposed to be fun, isn´t it?’

Your breathing has started to speed up and your cock begins to tingle. You rise up on all fours, Laura still straddling you and you are unaware that you and your lady friend have adopted the same position. Both wait submissively.

La Muschi nods at Laura and Laura climbs off your back. She parts your legs and wriggles between them face up, taking your cock in her mouth. She sucks slowly. La Muschi takes the same position with her flat-mate and licks her throbbing pussy. The four groan simultaneously.

Laura masturbates as she sucks you, stroking her cunt, pulling her lips apart and fingering herself. La Muschi takes her phallic symbol in her hand and begins to caress it as though it were real. Your penis is erect and Laura sucks harder. Your lover´s pussy is dripping and La Muschi delves her tongue in deeper. The oral sex continues.

There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and both you and your lady friend are about to find out exactly where that line begins and ends.

To be continued…

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