Layla closed one eye, trying to focus on her watch.

‘Right, well… I think it’s time for me to head home,’ she said between hiccups.

‘What are you up to, Musch?’ she slurred.

‘I’m going to a club,’ La Muschi replied. Layla and Michelle stood wrapped in each other´s arms, trying desperately to look sober after a fun night of debauchery.

‘Ok then, have a good time and take care!’ Michelle exclaimed. The two women kissed their friend goodnight and Muschi, winking at Layla, shouted, ‘You too,’ as they stumbled away.

The club was full, the music banging and dry ice made it difficult to see, but La Muschi was on a mission. She pulled herself together and walked, in an almost perfectly straight line, to the bar. Her pussy was pulsating and she was not going to go home alone tonight, no matter what. She ordered a rum and coke and sipped it through a fluorescent pink straw. She tapped her feet to the beat and then she felt the presence of a woman close by. Looking up she realized that the woman was observing her. She stood staring at her for a few minutes and allowed the woman to undress her with her eyes.

‘Do you want a drink?’ La Muschi asked.

‘Gin and tonic, please,’ was the reply. The waitress obliged. Leaving her own cuba libre on the bar, Muschi made her way to the dance floor and danced to one of her favorite house tunes. She was hot and horny and by the time she got back to the bar, the other woman was ready to leave.

‘Shall we?’ she enquired, gesturing towards the door.

‘I don’t know why we haven´t already,’ La Muschi replied confidently.

Within less than an hour of her arrival at the club, La Muschi was sitting in a gorgeous, dark-eyed, Spanish looking woman´s car. The woman, holding the wheel with one hand started to stroke La Muschi´s leg with the other. In a matter of seconds, her hand was opening the buttons of La Muschi´s jeans and stroking La Muschi´s increasingly wet cunt, over her black tomboy underwear. Quite a talent whilst you´re driving, La Muschi thought.

They parked in front of an old-fashioned Georgian door and the women kissed… the driver almost fucking La Muschi with her tongue as she slipped one finger inside her. ´Take me upstairs,´ La Muschi ordered, suddenly feeling less in control than she wanted.

Unlocking the door, La Muschi spun her victim around and pushing her back on the stairs leading to the bedroom she pulled up her skirt. She forced the woman´s legs apart and removing her g string with ease began sucking her clitoris hard.

‘Fuck me,’ the stranger groaned.

‘Oh I will,’ La Muschi whispered and began with one finger, than two until she could feel her prey´s muscles tightening around all four fingers that were penetrating her beautifully swollen pussy. She ejaculated everywhere and La Muschi grinned, as she put her own fingers in her mouth to taste the woman´s juices.

‘Get up those stairs,’ La Muschi declared. There´s plenty more of that to ‘cum’.

Original Erotica: She Saw

Taking her newest victim by the hand, La Muschi guided her up the stairs. The two women were already breathless.

‘Wait’ the woman exclaimed. ‘This is my house.’

‘I’ll guess where the bedroom is,’ La Muschi whispered.

The tables suddenly turned again and this time it was La Muschi who was pinned against the wall.

‘I’m not that easy to control,’ the woman panted.

‘We’ll see.’ was the reply.

La Muschi wrapped her right arm around her soon-to-be lover’s torso and with one finger, opened the clasp on her bra. With the other, she ripped the unsuspecting female´s underwear off.

‘That’s the way I want you… I want that pussy for me. It’s mine now,’ Muschi groaned as she caressed the woman´s soft, swelling cunt. ‘I want you on your bed with your legs spread and your pussy dripping.’

‘Really, well just so you know… I don´t get naked for a half-hour fuck.’

‘That’s what I like to hear. I love a woman with stamina.’

The woman lay back on the king-sized bed and, opening her legs, invited La Muschi to go down on her. La Muschi obliged. Soon her tongue was making its way towards the completely shaven den of iniquity and licking it slowly. The rhythm increased and the woman´s lips began to part.

‘Are you thirsty?’ she asked La Muschi.

‘For you,’ she answered in a muffled voice as she delved deeper.

The women undressed each other and La Muschi, licking her lips and sucking her own fingers, began to masturbate for her delighted lady friend. Standing over her, she spread her own legs and fingered herself gently. In and out. In and out.

‘I love the sound of your wetness,’ she said as she listened to La Muschi´s breath speeding up.

‘Come here’ she demanded and La Muschi, removing her fingers, climbed onto the bed until the two women were 69-ing. They licked and sucked each other… each one delighting in the juices of the other. Each one sipping and eventually drinking from the other’s cunt.

‘Cum in my mouth,’ the woman insisted. La Muschi was taken by surprise at this woman´s dominance. She wasn´t used to being ordered around and she wasn´t sure how to take it. She thought about it for a second and then, as though her body took complete control, she felt the walls of her vagina contracting more and more until she had no choice but to do as the woman had requested.

The orgasm was exquisite and as the two lay side by side, La Muschi turned her head away. A tear trickled down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away. Her ‘victim’ had taken her by surprise and she felt a wave of insecurity and uncertainty come over her.

‘Are you ok?’ the woman asked.

‘Fine…  Just fine,’ Muschi replied in the semi-darkness.

Maybe she did have feelings after all…

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