Continuing our erotic journey, Part 19 sees the written word express the oral tradition…

La Muschi leans gently over Laura from behind the armchair, until her breast is hovering over Laura’s mouth. Laura opens her eyes and smiles. She kisses her partner’s nipple. La Muschi pulls away teasingly and Laura’s tongue and mouth searches for La Muschi´s firm breast. La Muschi moves closer again, this time allowing Laura to suck hard.

Distracted from her lesson, La Muschi watches as her flatmate´s lips become moist with the delightful juices that are starting to flow from deep inside Laura´s throbbing pussy. Then La Muschi stops Laura momentarily and suggests that they spice things up a little more.

La Muschi 19

‘I´ll take over,’ she smiles. Her eyes signal towards the bedroom. Her flatmate licks her lips and gets to her feet slowly.

‘Do you want to taste her?’ your lover asks you. Without waiting for a reply, she walks towards you and kisses you passionately, before leaving the room. Your cock is hard and although the desire to get involved in this delicious threesome is overwhelming, you daren´t even touch yourself.

La Muschi walks seductively around the armchair.

‘Move a little closer’ La Muschi insists. ‘You don’t want to miss this now, do you?’

You stand up, your penis erect and your eyes fixed on Laura´s beautiful cunt. You do as you are told.

‘Sit there,’ La Muschi points to another armchair. You sit.

‘I´m going to make you come, baby,’ La Muschi whispers in Laura´s ear.

‘Oh yes, please do.’

Laura, still seated, spreads her legs wider apart… waiting. La Muschi sits on the floor admiring Laura´s flower shaped pussy.

‘Like I said, every woman needs a lot of tender loving care and foreplay. Every woman is different, but we all have the same basic needs.’

With that, La Muschi´s tongue closes in on Laura and she licks, slowly first. Then, using two fingers, she finds Laura´s clitoris and begins to suck gently. Laura moans. You are transfixed. The sucking continues and you watch as Laura´s flower starts to open little by little.

La Muschi´s kisses Laura´s pussy softly. She holds Laura´s lips apart and her tongue begins to explore, stopping every now and again to blow hot air between Laura´s legs, causing Laura to slide her pussy closer to La Muschi´s mouth. Her tongue penetrates, losing itself deep inside. Laura begins to thrust, running her fingers through La Muschi´s hair. La Muschi´s tongue makes circular movements.

‘Fuck me’ Laura demands. The tempo speeds up as Laura face fucks her lesbian lover even harder than a few hours previously. The fact that there is an onlooker makes the moment even more intense.

Laura loves to be watched and La Muschi loves to perform.  Laura wraps her legs around La Muschi´s neck and gives herself completely. La Muschi getting to her knees pulls Laura towards her, tongue-fucking her all the time. Laura holds on tightly to either arm of the chair.

‘My cunt is yours. Take me,’ Laura groans. The fun has just begun.

To be continued…

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