Our steamy tale of lust and desire continues in Part 20 of La Muschi’s explicitly sexual odyssey…

Just as Laura is about to come… La Muschi stops licking and sucking her. She turns to you and smiles. You are so horny now that your hand has involuntarily started to stroke your stiff penis and this time La Muschi allows you to continue. You wonder where your playmate has got to, hoping she’ll return quickly as the desire to fuck her overwhelms you.

‘She’s just getting a few things from our bedroom,’ La Muschi says, as if she could read your mind. ‘Pull hard on that love truncheon of yours and imagine it’s you inside my girlfriend.’ Laura spreads her legs and La Muschi slides her thumb inside her, leaving her fingers free to play with Laura’s clit.

Original Erotica: Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Your cock, wrapped tightly in your right hand moves up and down and you close your eyes. You are unaware that your lover has returned.

She stands, naked and beautiful in the doorway and watches the three of you simultaneously.

‘Oh baby, please come back,’ you groan as you jerk yourself off.

Suddenly and without saying a word, your lover straddles you and slides your penis inside her.

‘Fuck yeah,’ you say as she nuzzles her soft breast against you. ‘Where have you been?’

‘Just getting the next part of our game ready,’ she moans. ‘Yeah, go deeper,’ she implores. You oblige.

Just before you come, you hold your woman gently by the hips and release yourself from inside her. She sits on the floor, closes her eyes and waits. You have forgotten about the other two women.

Laura’s cunt is swollen and she reaches orgasm at exactly the same time as you. Her come fills La Muschi mouth and trickles down La Muschi´s chin.

Your lover opens her mouth and licks her lips as you shoot your load. ‘Oh baby… Fuck yeah… Jesus.’ She laughs at the thoughts that must be racing through your head and how you probably never expected this when you met her at the bar. She strokes your throbbing cock and you caress her face.

‘Do you want more? Are you man enough?’ she giggles.

‘I hope so,’ you answer.

Laura lies back in the armchair. ‘I need a drink,’ she gasps. ‘Me too,’ the others reply in unison and laughter fills the once living room, now sex den.

La Muschi leans over her lover and kisses her. ‘I love you,’ she whispers. She walks over to a cabinet and fixes four drinks. ‘Just a five minute break you guys,’ she says in the commanding way she has done until now. ‘Did you bring everything?’ she asks her flat mate.

‘I did,’ the woman replies.

As you take your first gulp, you look across the room and notice a bag with a dildo, a harness and what appears to be bondage equipment. Your heart starts to race and for a second you wonder if you can cope.

‘You’ll be fine,’ La Muschi exclaims.

To be continued…

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