The ongoing tale of La Muschi continues inPart 15 of our sexual adventure…

Your heart beats faster and you feel the blood racing through your veins and consequently, right down to your penis, which is beginning to throb, feeling privileged to have front row seats in this delicious ‘real life’ porn movie that is taking place before your very eyes. You begin to stroke yourself gently… slow, steady movements and your cock hardens at your touch. ‘I can’t stay here,’ you think to yourself and so, though saddened to leave the lesbian erotic scene behind you, you make your way back to the living-room and leave the two delicious women to carry on fucking.

la muschi

When you walk through the door, you are surprised by your lady friend who is holding a black silk scarf in one hand. ‘Been thinking about you in the bathroom,’ you say, justifying your hard-on.

‘Can I blindfold you?’ she asks inquisitively. You nod politely and she wraps her arms around your naked torso, caressing your erection from behind with both hands. ‘You must tell me if you can see anything,’ she whispers as she beckons you to crouch down in order to be able to reach you.

‘Of course I will,’ you say.

She covers your eyes and leads you back to the sofa. Then, she lays you down and sits comfortably, legs spread on your stomach. You can feel her moisture, her soft pubic hair rubbing against your naked skin and you want so desperately to be inside her. She lies on top of you and kisses you. Then, raising her body, she holds your erect cock and little by little eases it deep within her wet cunt. She rides you and you fuck her.

As you are blindfolded, you can only imagine her full breasts rising and falling as your dick slides in and out, in and out of her. What she doesn’t know is that, although you are with her, in the back of your mind the image of the two women fingering each other, their wet pussies pulsating mutually, is driving you even wilder with desire.

‘Fuck me, fuck me. My pussy is so wet. Your cock is so hard and I need you to go deeper,’ she moans.

‘Oh Jesus!’ you exclaim as she continues to dance what seems like a beautiful belly dance with your penis deep inside her. She is soaking.

You sit up and grabbing her at the waist you take control. You can see nothing, but your fantasies lead you to a place with two, maybe three women devouring you. You imagine fucking all three and watching them lick each other out… you lay your lover on her back and holding her legs apart you slide right back inside her.

‘Oh yeah, oh yeah,’ she shouts as you continue to fuck her.

‘What are you thinking about?’ she asks.

‘I want to know all about that night with your female friend,’ you pant. ‘I want you to tell me everything.’

Unknown to you, she grins cheekily and thinks dirty thoughts to herself.

The tale will continue…

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