Part 5 of our tale continues from where we last left off…

La Muschi, saunters over to Laura, who is lying in bed, reading. She looks up and smiles, puts down her book and with a sign beckons La Muschi to join her. Her eyes are already undressing her new lover as her imagination runs wild. Neither of them speaks. They don’t need to.

Laura slips the strap from her bra down her left shoulder, revealing an already erect, pink and impatient nipple. Her chest rises as she anticipates what is to come. La Muschi kneels over Laura and kisses her semi-naked breast, then slowly licks her nipple before sucking it passionately. She sucks and sucks. She cups her breast in one hand and sliding her other arm around Laura’s back, she removes Laura’s bra completely.

Laura’s back arches as she presses her now revealed bosoms closer towards her partner’s mouth. La Muschi knows what to do. She knows how to take her lover’s breath away. She kisses each breast and slides her tongue across Laura’s rising chest. Then she bites gently on her left nipple and a little harder on her right. Laura moans softly and whips La Muschi’s shirt off. They embrace… their beautiful breasts now rubbing together. A hand finds it’s way down Laura’s stomach and along the seam of her underwear.

She kisses Laura. Their tongues taste each other first, then kiss deeper and harder as the moment intensifies. Laura sucks on La Muschi’s tongue as though she were giving it head and they fall into each other’s arms. La Muschi, now naked from the waist up, slides her hand little by little inside her woman’s sexy panties. She strokes Laura’s pussy without entering. It feels warm on the outside and maybe even a little wet, she suspects. She wants her to be soaking… wants her lover’s cunt to be dripping with cum and wants it to get wider and wider for her. She takes her time though.

Laura lies down on the silk sheets and opens her legs, her pussy begging to be licked, kissed, sucked and fucked. But La Muschi retreats and instead takes Laura’s hand and together they gently remove La Muschi’s underwear. Laura, now in control, smiles at the delicious moisture she encounters as she slides a finger inside her lover, taking La Muschi by surprise.

She loves to feel her partner getting wetter. She loves fucking her as deep as she can and feeling the walls of her lover’s cunt tighten around her fingers. Suddenly Laura is on top, her lover’s head back, eyes closed and La Muschi’s legs are spread. She slides another finger inside her and whispers to her partner, ‘Beg baby… Beg me to fuck you… Beg me to penetrate you hard… I know you want me to… I want to turn you on and drive you fucking wild’.

‘Well, I’ve finished my drink. Are we leaving?’

‘What are you thinking about?’

‘Oh… I… nothing. Sure, let’s go’

You stand up, turn to the waitress and giving her a knowing glance as she flirts with another female costumer, you make your way hand in hand to the door.

To be continued…

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