Panda Sex Tape Leaked Online

In the age of celebrity sex tapes and The Fappening it’s not difficult to plead the case that really, we’ve probably seen everything of everyone now.

But hey, here’s a new one for you: a marathon sex session between two pandas in China has been leaked online. Lu Lu and Zhen Zhen hit the headlines last week after spending seven minutes and 45 seconds in each other’s loving embrace.

Pandas are notoriously difficult when it comes to mating and pregnancy. Zoologists and other scientists have tried a number of different methods to try and get the bamboo stick rock solid. As recently as 2010, the endangered species were fed Viagra and had porn broadcast into their pens.

Now, for those of you that are curious, you can ‘bear’ witness to how those cuddly little pandas get down with each other. It’s far from a grizzly sight.

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