PinkBox: Sex Toy Vending Machines Have Arrived in the US

As technology advances, our disconnection to the real world keeps moving gradually. Being socially awkward about in-person transactions has become kind of normal for many people, mainly because certain purchases actually don’t require us to interact with other human beings anymore.

And sure, this is why we buy stuff on the Internet, but what if we need the product now?

If you want a Coca Cola, you don’t order it online, you buy it at a vending machine — that old-school piece of technology whose immediacy can’t be argued. So what if what you need is not a fizzy drink or a chocolate bar, but maybe a vibrator and some accompanying lube?

We all have different emergencies, guys. Luckily, if yours happens to be an urgent need for sex toys that simply can not wait till the morning, a vending machine for them has finally become available in the U.S.

PinkBox is America’s first and only exclusive sex toy vending machine company. Based in Philadelphia, PinkBox was founded by local entrepreneurs Vaughn Sandman and Dean Kitagawa, and their first machine debuted last month at the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival.

“PinkBox believes you shouldn’t have to order toys off the internet to get a great price, and wait 5-7 days for them to arrive,” the official PinkBox website reads. “Our machines have everything you need for a fantastic night, RIGHT NOW, alone or with a partner. From condoms and lube, to vibrators of all shapes and sizes — even restraints — we’ve got the right product to help your customer enhance their evening into morning.”

Dr. Timaree, a professor, podcaster, and the company’s “resident sexpert”, curated the contents of the machine, which feature “everything from condoms and cock rings to Lelo vibrators. There are glass dildos, and starter restraint kits,” she told Philly Mag. “Because our overhead is minimal, all the prices are very competitive — lower than a brick and mortar can afford to be.”

Many people are not all that comfortable going to sex shops, as the experience can be a bit intimidating for the more introverted customers. Ordering online can take a few days, or even weeks. Using a vending machine offers the best of both worlds — not to mention a cool novelty factor.

“PinkBox believes that sex should be exciting, fun, and safe.  As consenting adults, there is no wrong or bad way to enjoy yourself or each other,” a company statement said. “We want to help our shared customers to enjoy their evening at your establishment and beyond. We love knowing that our products bring joy to our customers. Your profits, and patron gratification is our gratification.”

The item prices range from $4 to $99, and the machine accepts cash and most major credit cards. They will also be donating a portion of their profits to organizations that support marriage equality.

If you have an establishment that might welcome a sex toy vending machine, you can email them. They will customize the product selection in your PinkBox to suit your own clientele.

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