Wil Anderson is an iconic and well-rounded comedian… in Australia. Don’t let his geographical roots fool you; his comedy is of a worldwide standard, it just takes Aussies a little longer to make it in a more northerly hemisphere. Given that, he has moved to Los Angeles and his co-hosts come in the form of international comedians – lovingly referred to as “guest Charlies.”


Originally hosted by Anderson and his best mate Charlie Clausen, the latter of the two has now taken leave to star as one of Summer Bay’s hunks on Australian TV soap Home and Away. How typically Australian…

Known as somewhat of an alternative bad boy, Wil isn’t scared of pushing the boundaries when it comes to his opinions and podcasts are the perfect way to listen to them sans ‘red tape.’

It is blatantly obvious that Wil and his guests have smoked a few bongs prior to pressing record – the truth of which they verbally dance around.

In one episode in particular, Wil and Dave Anthony (guest Charlie #1 and host of Walking the Room) have made the recording purely to have their conversations saved after an incident in which they accidentally got a puppy high and were discussing the consequences.

The title FOFOP (originally TOFOP) does nothing to give away its content and will probably just leave you searching for POPOFF, FOPFOP or FAPFAP once you have forgotten the acronym. Even though it does stem from an inside joke, I don’t think much of the name.

In my favorite episode there is a deep discussion about Fleshlights, covering all the questions you have never wanted to ask. I can’t be the only one who was curious about these male sexual aids.

It just takes a glance at the episode synopsis to see you are in for an audible treat; “Wil and Charlie discuss the order in which they’d have sex with the cast of Friends,” they “run through a list of celebrities Wil would let spit in his mouth” and “the best way to die horribly.”

FOFOP is less of an interview podcast and more of a fly-on-the-wall listen to a couple of mates chatting over a couple of beers… or bongs as it were.

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