You Made It Weird’ is the succinctly named podcast brought to you by American comedian, Pete Holmes. Take one hilarious comic with a tendency to share too much and record his intimate conversations with friends of the same or similar fields and you can’t really go wrong. What you’re left with are completely free podcasts that generally span 2 hours – perfect for making public transport a little more bearable… That is if you don’t mind being the crazy person on the train as you spontaneously laugh out loud at what would seem to be nothing. Little do the other commuters know that taking place inside your headphones is a deep discussion on the coloration of Kumail Nanjiani’s penis. Spoiler alert: it’s black.

podcast review

Pete is the master of dangling the carrot of self-confession, which in turn causes his guests to divulge their own personal stories. The themes covered in each show vary greatly but he always makes a point to touch on comedy, sex and religion.

Pete talks openly about all aspects of his life, including seeing a therapist. Personally, at the end of some particularly deep conversations it’s enough to make me feel like I’ve been laying on a doctor’s couch myself, exhaling as the outro music plays.

In contrast, the amount of time I have spent in this one-sided relationship, where I’m getting to know more and more about the shows namesake, seems to be having some strange side affects. I sure hope there are others out there who are suffering a sort of aurally infected Stockholm syndrome and going “I’m a thicker milkshake… I look like Kat Dennings… maybe I could be Pete’s new girlfriend.” No? Just me?

As well as the one- (and sometimes two) on-one interviews, Pete hosts live You Made It Weird sessions with a panel of guests. I prefer the regular interviews because they tend to get more intimate but these are still worth a listen as having an audience tends to change the atmosphere. One episode gets super weird when Pete offends a guest and the tension sticks around like a big old elephant in the room for the entire session. That one was a little hard to listen to, which even her states in the introduction to the show.

Some standout episodes that I’d recommend downloading are Michelle Butteau, Johnny Pemberton and Jenny Slate.

In this delightful podcast you’ll be privy to recurring jokes, self-depravity, unabashed confessions, and of course a little weirdness. You Made it Weird gets 5 out of 5 from me – high praise indeed.

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