Pornhub’s TwerkingButt Sex Toy Joins the VR Game

Not everyone can twerk. Let’s establish that first, since a big reason to use sex toys may not only be to replicate the feeling of a real sexual experience, but to also satisfy specific needs that perhaps may not be available in our own life, even if we are regularly having sex with someone.

The virtual reality porn industry is burgeoning at an incredibly fast pace. Companies all over the world continue to push the envelope and building a much more immersive experience for their customers. Not to be left behind, Pornhub – in conjunction with Topco Sales – have announced the release of their own VR toy and it’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

The brand new TwerkingButt is … well, pretty damn self-explanatory, I suppose. But it’s so much more than that! The realistic-looking big ass not only vibrates, but it jiggles in twerk-like fashion, massages and warms. It also comes with its own custom virtual reality goggles and 3D content. This, when combined with the TwerkingButt app, gives the user the option to manage their point-of-view porn and synchronize it with the experience they prefer.

The TwerkingButt can be controlled with the included remote, or from a smart phone (both Android and iOS) or tablet. It features multiple twerking patterns, customizable rhythms, massage speeds, sensual vibrations and simulated body heat.

“We can barely contain our excitement for the new TwerkingButt,” said Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub. “I think we can honestly say that the release of our new product will mark a new benchmark in the convergence of emerging technology and immersive pleasure to deliver one of the most lifelike sexual simulation experiences on the market today.”

The company is currently developing 360º videos and other virtual reality experiences to be used with the TwerkingButt. In the meantime other VR purveyors can give you plenty of material to combine with your device.

Using its patented Cyberskin technology, the TwerkingButt aims to recreate the feeling of real intimate contact by being able to warm to an exact (very human-like) body temperature of 98.6 degrees.

“It took us over 4 years to bring TwerkingButt from concept to reality,” said Jimmy Wyne, director at Topco Sales. “Our development team worked tirelessly to combine the latest wireless, APP, and optical technologies as well as our patented Cyberskin, which simulates the sensual feel of true skin-to-skin contact.”

The TwerkingButt will be up for sale next month in adult shops everywhere, and it comes in two different versions: Classic ($699) and Deluxe ($999). It is slated to be officially unveiled to the public at the ANME tradeshow, to be held in Burbank, California on July 12th – 14th. The accompanying app is available for free on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

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