Racism Is Still Not So Far, Far Away...

Surely… SURELY… we’ve all seen the awesome new trailer for the hotly awaited new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens? Are you as excited as we are? There were X-Wings! And lightsabers! And the Millennium Falcon! Maybe we might be rid of the curse of those awful prequels after all.

Indeed, while the mood around the Internet is one of unbridled optimism (at least until the next scandal comes around anyway), some people are just determined to ruin the fun for everybody. “Some people” in this case are the so-called fans of the franchise who don’t appear to like the fact that John Boyega, who happens to be black, is the first human face we see on the new trailer.


Never mind that Lando Calrissian and Mace Windu are two prominent black Star Wars characters, never mind that the series portrays an entire universe awash with people and aliens of all colors, species, races, religions and creeds… nope, forget all that and let’s have a moan about something so hilariously inconsequential. Latest entries into the debate can be found searching for #BlackStormtrooper.

Boyega responded with a very simple “Get used to it” from his Instagram account. Let’s hope things are settled and put to bed as the world gears up for the film’s December 2015 release date.

…but let’s move away from this unpleasantness and keep the whole Star Wars theme going. You can bet your last dollar that as soon as the official teaser trailer hit the wires people were already gearing up to edit, distort and just generally mess around with the all-new visuals and ideas.

The Star Wars fandom is made of stern stuff (you’d pretty much have to be after the prequel clusterfuck) and having been burnt any number of times by Good Ol’ Uncle George and his infuriating tinkering and re-releases it looks as if gallows humour is the best way to express yourself.

Taking pot shots at Lucas’ penchant for adding lots of unnecessary crap to his work, this great video does its best to reimagine Star Wars VII ruined by Lucas’ itchy trigger fingers. We never thought we’d say this but thank God for Disney buying the franchise!

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  1. It makes more sense that Tatooine would be inhabited by black people, anyway. Look at Luke Skywalker. Pasty Aryan poster child…living on a desert planet with heat and constant sunlight? Evolutionary theory says, “NOPE”! He’d have skin cancer before he hits puberty!