Remotely Control Friends’ Phone Videos With Sup

When I heard Kevin Rose talking about Sup on a podcast with Tim Ferriss, I knew I had to check it out for myself. Sup is like Snapchat taken to the next level. In fact I dare venture that it might be even better than Snapchat because with Sup, there is an extra component – interactivity.

Just like Snapchat, nothing is saved on Sup, but unlike Snapchat, the person requesting a video can actually ‘direct’ the video by swiping left, right, up or down and even request a selfie! Because it doesn’t save anything, I can see how this can quickly move into sexting territory. Hmm, what do you call it if it’s videos? Vexting? Videxting? But let’s keep it clean for this article eh?

Sup — How It Works from Sup on Vimeo.

Basically you invite your friends to ‘Sup’ with you and they have five minutes to respond at which point you can go back to playing angry birds till one of them responds. Then both of you will be connected and the fun begins. You have 10 seconds to direct your friend’s video. If you want it to last longer, click “Mo’ Time”. You can even instruct them with overlaid emoticons.

Sure the novelty of this app might wane over time, but for now it seems that with Sup, the future of social apps is moving towards interactivity, because why wait for someone to send you something when you can request it?

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