I’m a dude, so my experience with bachelorette parties has been mostly as a bystander in a club or a bar. Regardless of my limited exposure to them, one thing that’s been abundantly clear is that penis-shaped paraphernalia is a crowd favorite and a staple of every party. From tiaras to bongs, things that are shaped like a dick will be highly in demand for any bachelorette party.

penis shapes

But what happens to those items after the wedding? I mean, sure, some things won’t have a long life span; the dicksicles will be long gone before the morning, and the balloons won’t make it past the honeymoon. Some articles, however, will not only last, but they would still have practical uses, if not for that darn giant penis shape that can make some people uncomfortable.

The Bachelorette.com team, a leading provider of all kinds of odd party stuff, began to wonder what happened to all those thousands of penis cake pans they have sold. They checked craigslist and couldn’t find any being sold, so they figured a lot of people must have them stored somewhere and were not using them, out of fear of doing something inappropriate.

Some things should be enjoyed without having to worry about attention-seeking giant cocks. Just because Larry David will still reluctantly do it doesn’t mean everyone else is comfortable with it.

Well, the good people at Penispans.com decided to start a fun project to dust off those ol’ dick pans, adapting them to other familiar shapes and bake with creativity.

What started out as a simple idea for an elephant became a non-stop brainstorm of hilarious cake designs based on a penis pan mold. The website has several published recipes with pictures. My personal favorites include the Farm Cake and the UFO Cake.

You will also be able to purchase different kinds of cake pans, cupcake pans, cookie cutters, jello shot trays and ice cube trays. All of them shaped like dicks, of course.

If you feel inspired by the cake designs you see and would like to impress your friends – and penis cake enthusiasts all over the Internet – with your own phallic cake ideas, grab that frosting and let your imagination run wild; bake it and send them a picture. If they end up using it on the website, they’ll give you $50 worth of products; not to mention the bragging rights of a respected, published dick cake. And you can’t put a price on that.

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