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Regardless of how comfortable you are walking around with a new sex toy you just bought, the thought of how that toy’s box is going to look in public always crosses your mind. For every piece of sex tech that looks like a sophisticated coffee maker, there’ll be 20 others that scream, “I’M GOING UP THIS DUDE’S ASS AS SOON AS WE GET HOME!!!”

So when I picked up the new Free VR  that has just released, I was pretty surprised about the overly discreet and simple packaging: It’s a single piece of cardboard, folded inside a clear plastic wrap.


“This is the advanced virtual reality contraption?” I asked, almost in predisposed disappointment.

BaDoink is leading the way in the VR game, a booming technology that threatens to take over the future of porn (and other things VR items are used for, I guess, but we all know what these were really for all along). With VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or Gear VR, the possibilities of the adult industry grew exponentially overnight. The only caveat is the price, which may not be accessible for everyone.

As a company focused on sex tech and the production of virtual reality videos, the high cost of VR headsets would have meant that just a small demographic is watching their scenes. The solution? Google Cardboard.

A Google employee presents a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset for android smartphones during a Google promotion event at the City of Fashion and Design (Cite de la mode et du design) in Paris on November 4, 2014. AFP PHOTO / THOMAS SAMSON (Photo credit should read THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

“For a lot of people, this is the first they’ve heard of Google Cardboard because it’s all so new,” BaDoink’s CEO Todd Glider told Re/code.

Yours truly, happened to be in that group of people. The foldout cardboard is a cheap and simple solution to create a VR headset by simply providing a cardboard case to mount your smartphone. With just lenses, a magnet and a hook-and-loop fastener, the new Free VR Goggles are an incredibly quick solution for those wanting to explore VR porn for pretty much nothing.

You may have read all about it on CNBC, the New York Post, or GQ; when BaDoink announced they’d be giving away 10,000 VR goggles for free, a flurry of sex tech enthusiasts immediately signed up for it. Less than 24 hours later, they were all gone and a new order for an extra 20,000 goggles was already in progress.

The cardboard is remarkably easy to put together. The instructions are drawn into it, and they’re fairly simple; you’ll get it done in just a minute.

Of course, in order to watch any porn on them, you’re going to need content. Luckily, is focused on providing just that. With seven initial scenes, specifically shot for their use with VR headsets, started a pretty sweet niche. Also, beginning this week, a brand new VR scene will be uploaded every week on the BadoinkVR website. The growing 3D video library will be available for all subscribers.

Review: BaDoink’s FreeVRGoggles, FreeVRPlayer and BaDoinkVR Exclusive Videos

Everything about the setup of both the goggles and the VR player works with ease. The FreeVRPlayer is very light, and it automatically recognizes the videos downloaded from

Because the videos are presented in 180º and 360º, each file is fairly big, ranging from 1GB per video (for smartphone use) to over 4GB (better quality, to be watched specifically with an Oculus Rift), so you will need to have some space on your phone if you’re planning on treating yourself to an intensive VR porn binge.

The 180º and 360º videos are fun even if you’re not masturbating to them. It’s interesting how many details you can capture, and how much you can play with by moving the point of view around. You can have an open shot of a stunning set of boobs titty-fucking you; or a close-up of a girl’s facial expressions while she’s climaxing; or a dedicated look at a wonderful ass that shines in all its reverse-cowgirl glory. The possibilities to focus your attention on are limitless.

Of course, having this option makes you want to adjust angles and explore your spatial surroundings more, which brings us to the main problem that the cardboard goggles present: Once the smartphone is enclosed in the goggles, you can’t access the screen to move your perspective around, so you’re stuck with the POV you chose for the 3D viewing. Ideally, you would have access to move around that space while wearing the goggles, but you have to make that decision before or you’ll find yourself re-adjusting the POV several times and having to take the phone in and out of the goggles, which can frankly be kind of a boner killer. But, as long as you’re aware that you won’t have the same mobility that you can get with a dedicated and more expensive VR headset, it works like a charm. If you absolutely feel that you need that freedom of movement, then I’d suggest spending some cash on an Oculus Rift.

Having said all that, the total immersion that BaDoink sets out to get is definitely achieved. The images are lively, and the binaural sound makes you much more aware of your spatial situation than your average stereo sound recording would. At times you may even forget that you’re not actually in that scene. If that happens, don’t force it; simply enjoy being in the moment. I don’t know how your real life is, reader; I don’t intend to assume stuff… but let’s face it; this is likely a soothing improvement from it.

After a few minutes, it took me a while to extract myself from the situation and realize where I was and what was effectively happening. As I laid in bed, naked, lubed up, with sort of a cardboard mask on my face, the first self-conscious thought that came to my mind was: “Man, I’m really glad I live alone.”

To be perfectly honest, you don’t even have to look at the action to enjoy the videos. If you so choose to, you could stare at the plants by the window; or maybe at the awful painting that a particular porn set came equipped with; or perhaps the calming water surface of the pool that some naked girl just came out of. If you’re easily distracted, this has its own entertainment value.

Review: BaDoink’s FreeVRGoggles, FreeVRPlayer and BaDoinkVR Exclusive Videos

I don’t know if it’s my thirties or what, but as I watched a porn star suck my POV’s dick, I began to check the surroundings out. Seeing the sunlight coming through the door I thought, “After we’re done here, I’m totally staring at that till I fall asleep.” The nap that ensued, if you must know, was delightful.

That’s the weird alternative power that these 180º and 360º scenes have. You start noticing stuff the same way you do in real life. It’s actually really cool when you’re watching the first couple of minutes of a scene, when you can actually take in your surroundings and build your fantasy with a lot more details. If you look for context in your porn, these will surely enhance your experience a lot.

The 3D gives certain scenarios an interesting quality that you may have overlooked in the past. For example, the fantasy of a POV where I’m massaging someone else finally makes sense. Well played, BaDoinkVR.

Even without the goggles, the videos are well worth it. Having two dimensions isn’t that bad when you can pan left and right and focus on the part that piques your attention, or simply move around the space.

In many ways, this all can be a lot more similar to actual sex than any past smut has ever been, given that your perspective is exactly that of a true POV. You may not even be seeing a vagina, a boob, or even a butt-cheek; but the surrounding sound, the full visual immersion, and the close shots can make you feel a lot more “in the moment” than a lot of traditional nudity displays can. It is significantly more akin to an authentic sexual experience than all the overproduced, heavily contorted camera angles that you see in most porn.

Look, this is no Oculus Rift, but then again, you can’t beat the price of Free VR Goggles. And while certain things are not so practical with the cardboard, the fact that you can watch VR content on your cellphone for no money is already pretty impressive.

While very entertaining, the whole experience should probably be paced a little bit (i.e. not cramming seven full videos in one sitting to review the product should help in that regard), as watching a lot of 3D porn will likely make you a tad dizzy. Not that that should stop you, of course. It’s just a friendly warning.

Overall, my experience with BaDoink’s Free VR Goggles, the Free VR Player and BaDoinkVR’s exclusive content has been very positive. The company definitely seems to be headed in the right direction with the VR business.

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