Ring In The New Year With The SexFit

Let it be known that the length and breadth of human ingenuity truly knows no bounds. We’re usually quite quick off the mark when it comes to two areas of innovation – fitness and sex.

Lucky then that British sex toy retailers Bondara have stuck their necks out in both fields to bring you their latest boundary pusher – The SexFit.

Fitness trends these days dictate that any app or tech worth its salt needs some top-of-the-range tracking device, something to keep you informed as to how many miles you’ve performed, how many calories you’ve burnt and more. That’s all here, except there’s just one sexy little twist – this thing fits over your cock!

Oh yes, that’s right. Bondara’s SexFit is a combined activity tracker and sex toy, allowing you to bring both a strict fitness regimen and the fun inherent in wearing a cock ring to the bedroom at once.

For that little extra encouragement, SexFit comes with an accelerometer and, get this, Bluetooth module. Should you be feeling particularly boastful after a good session with a partner, you have the freedom to upload your most recent statistics to what would presumably be a shocked social media audience.

Sure beats the stuffing out of logging onto Facebook for the usual round of baby pics and the self-pity “I broke my resolutions!” status train. Couples after a way to lighten up their sex lives, quite literally, can play around with the various LED settings that accompany your thrusts and movements. Quite how a light show akin to Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind will be received at home is beyond us, but hey go wild.

The SexFit is reaching the end of its prototype phase and should be available for purchase on their site in the near future. Looks like you’ll have to keep on counting your thrusts in your head for the time being!

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