Rola Misaki Denies 'Sugar Daddy Deal' With Businessman

We told you earlier this week that Japanese adult star Rola Misaki was alleged to have signed a 15-year, $5m ‘deal’ with an anonymous yet disturbingly rich Chinese businessman for ‘business purposes’ – some of which were a little foggy and strange. Now – a few days after the story travelled around the world – both parties are denying such a deal exists.

According to the Tokyo Reporter, both Misaki and Mr. Mysterious Business King took to China’s state-sanctioned social network – Sina Weibo – to deny the claims made in the press.

The Tokyo Reporter goes on to say that an insider in the entertainment industry in China says the one-billion-yen deal was a hoax from the outset. “It was a publicity stunt,” says the source. “He wants to be famous, and he used her name and a false report to do it.”

A publicity stunt for an anonymous man under an assumed name? Sounds logical. In truth though, it’s difficult to know what’s fact and fiction in this whole debacle.

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