Say Hello To The Sex Selfie Stick!

When we gaze upon another crazy invention, we roll our eyes and proclaim “The future is here!”

Thing is, it’s no longer the future at all. It’s very much the present. People need not act like we did in the 50s and 60s, when we dreamed of living in moon bases by 1992, because the present is exciting enough.
It’s the modern age that has given us the selfie-stick (yeah great thanks for that btw) and it’s thanks to the ingenuity of US-based SexTechers Svakom that we now have another (more productive?) application: the Gaga Vibrator Camera.

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with seeing Lady Gaga naked… but it’s even better than that.

Picture the scene: you’re away on business, you miss your partner or anyone else you have an arrangement with, you want to get down to a little private FaceTime to remember what it is you’re missing. But you’ve always wanted to go that bit further haven’t you? Well, now’s your chance… the Gaga Vibrator Camera is perfectly poised to fit inside a vagina, and allow anyone involved to get not just a rather clear and exciting view, but to get the chance to witness an orgasm from its very core. As Svakom boast, it’s a tool for endoscopic orgasms. It could be an absolute blessing for people who enjoy roleplaying medical/doctor scenarios.

As usual, the more mainstream elements of the press were a little more hostile to it. Like we said, it’s not the future anymore, it’s the present. It’s about time everyone else jumped on board.

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