Science Discovers the Perfect Penis Shape!

Just like how women have long wondered just what a beautiful vagina looks like, so too have men wondered about their own appendages. Just what makes a good-looking penis? Well, leave it to science to go ahead and try and answer that for us. In a recent scientific study titled, “What is a Good Looking Penis?” (I kid you not) published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine a bunch of researchers investigated what women look for in a penis – and yeah, it goes beyond having a big chunka meat between your legs.

The study is a part of a larger project that focuses on men with surgically corrected hypospadias – a disorder where a man’s urethral opening is not in the normal position at the top of the penis. Researchers wanted to know what aspect of the penis was important to a woman and if those who had undergone surgery to correct their hypospadias were considered having an ‘abnormal’ looking penis. Seeing that it’s the second most common birth abnormality that affects boys, I’m sure it’s caused quite a lot of distress, so much so that they’ve conducted a study.

In the study, 105 women were asked to rank the importance of eight penile aspects on a scale of 1 (very unimportant) to 5 (very important). These aspects include the length, girth, position and shape of urinary opening known as the meatus. Also included were more ‘cosmetic’ type appearance such as pubic hair, scrotum, foreskin, and the like. I’m guessing cosmetic appearances are things that men can ‘change’ if they don’t like the look of it? Groom the pubes, take off the foreskin, err… reshape the scrotum? I’m just guessing here.

Anyway, now on to the important bits… just what do women think is the ‘perfect penis’? According to research the general cosmetic appearance is what women find the most important while the position and shape of the meatus is the least important bit of your penis. While men would like to believe that all a woman wants is a big, thick dick – judging from porn – the reality is that your penis size and length was rated the sixth most important, while pubic hair was rated second most important. So I would stop obsessing about your size, and instead get a little manscaping down under lads!

Then again, the study is pretty small, so yeah I’m sure we shouldn’t be generalizing that this is what all women want. The best take away from this study is that, overall when trying to figure out what makes a penis perfect, researchers found that there was, “no single penile aspect that is essential.” So whatever your shape, length, girth, size etc., just accept it for what it is, cuz some of us girls, we’ll put anything in our mouths! HAH!

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