So it’s been a couple of months since you’ve been hot and heavy with the wifey and while you’re happy that baby is on its way, you’re also horny as hell! You need to get laid but you’re also scared that your penis will poke baby’s head while you do it. While scientifically that won’t happen, we are well aware of the fear men seem to have about banging pregnant women.

This can fear can be so debilitating that even if mama is just as horny, you might not want to go there. So we’re here to educate you on how to have sex while your baby mama is pregnant!

The advantages of pregnancy sex
First of all, let’s come out and say it. Some women get horny during the last months of their pregnancy – especially once the initial nausea, vomiting and fatigue have subsided. Unfortunately at the same time, almost all women at this point feel fat and unattractive – you know, on account of the baby bump and extra fat and all. We want to feel attractive and desirable so take it easy and don’t say shit like, “Wow, you’ve put on weight!” or anything stupid like that!

During this time we get excited and wet much more easily so sex can actually be more pleasurable for us. Not to mention that sex during pregnancy is said to help relax the uterus and helps with less painful contractions!

So how do we do this?
Suffice to say, you should be careful during this time, so don’t go banging her like you usually would. Some positions are better than others during pregnancy sex – especially ones that don’t put pressure on her belly.

On the side: Baby mama lies on her side and you enter her from behind. Great if she’s already in the late stages.

Doggie style: She’s on all fours and you come in from behind.

She on top: This is great so that she can control the pace and depth and keeps ye ol’ belly out of the way.

On a chair: She sits down on a chair and you can kneel down in front of her. If possible make sure the chair is a little higher so you’re pumping upwards instead of forwards.

Scissoring: Not just for lesbians, scissoring is great because it is gentler and makes for slower penetration.

Edge of the bed: She lies down the edge of the bed and you enter her while kneeling in front of the bed and her. Use pillows to prop her hips up if needed.

Let’s not forget oral! Yep, nothing stopping you from going down on her, fingering her and generally just making her cum! And if she’s up for it, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of anal sex. It’s safe, so just make sure you’re safe too. Use lots of lubrication and be careful not to hurt her.

We really hope that this helps get you out of your drought and both you and baby mama have a fun time in the bedroom. Let us know how it goes!

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