Do you own the Rampant Rabbit? You should! It’s the world’s favourite sex toy – of course designed and produced in Japan. Those horny Japanese, what will they think of next? Every year they celebrate the fertility festival, which celebrates the penis, but they wanted to go further… to be able to say, “Yes, we had the biggest orgy!” No less than 250 men and 250 women decided to have sex in a warehouse at the same time. Sorry you missed it? Don’t be – you can watch it on DVD.

Nowadays it’s easy to find a nice bra. I wonder what Annie Hawkins-Turner (aka Norma Stitz) thinks about being a woman with the biggest natural boobs ever. She wears a size 102ZZZ. That is like carrying an extra 50-kilos with you. Annie’s under breast measurement is 109.22cm and her around the chest-over-nipple measurement is 177.8cm. Lucky lover! Chelsea Charms has nothing to complain about. She is a porn star with the biggest boobs, surgically enhanced. She wears a 164XXX bra.

Sex: Rampant Rabbits, Kissing & Muscular Vaginas

What’s better than a kiss? A kiss that lasts for hours! And so it happened: the longest kiss lasted 46 hours and 24 minutes. The couples had to be kissing continuously, with their lips touching all the time, toilet breaks were not allowed! The contestants who won were Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand, Pattaya. Do you think it was worth it? Well, they broke the world record and they received a diamond ring and the equivalent of around USD 3,150.

They say prostitution is the oldest job in the world. But how old do you have to be to quit? There is no actual age limit. The oldest working prostitute known to the Chinese authorities is Chiu, an 82-year old woman. She began working on the streets of Tai Pei 40 years ago. There she is known as “grandma”. Chiu recognises her body is not as smoking hot as it used to be and as a result she has had to radically reduce prices. I guess aging prostitutes don’t feature much in men’s sexual fantasies.

Do you still think of women as a weak sex? That’s because you haven’t heard the news about the strongest vagina. Tatiata Kozhevnikova, a 42-year old Russian mother, is just like any other woman when walking down the street but in her free time she likes lifting weights, not in the gym though but with her lady parts. Tatiata suffered from weak pelvic muscles after the birth of her first child. She tried lots of things before she discovered wooden balls. She can lift 14-kg. Any of you guys can do that with your penis? Didn’t think so.

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