Alrighty! It’s day six. We’re at the halfway mark here. Time for a breather. And that breather comes in the form of the Lelo Luna Smart Bead. The Luna Smart Bead isn’t a sex toy per-se, but it is a toy that through careful use helps you experience more intense orgasms.

You know I always admire a company that sits down and thinks, “Hmm… some women aren’t experiencing long enough or intense enough orgasms. Let’s do something about that!” It makes me fuzzy inside knowing that someone is thinking about how hard we could, nay should be cumming.


What it is

Lelo Luna Smart Bead is actually a kegel exerciser. In fact, they call it a kegel trainer, because each insertion is a workout. Like all other Lelo products, this one arrives in a neat little box, white, along with a soft satin pull string bag, one AAA battery, a small packet of Lube, and some instructions. Lelo’s packaging is so yummy, I never want to throw the boxes away. The special feature that distinguishes the Lelo Luna Smart Bead from regular kegel exercisers is that this baby comes with touch sensors that detect your every squeeze. That’s right, it actually adjusts itself according to just how hard you can squeeze your hoohah! This little toy is supposed to help you experience longer, stronger orgasms through a set of kegel exercises that it will guide/train you through.

How it works

To switch it on, you have to press the little ‘O’ button on the side. The device will blink three times (each blink indicates what level you’re on in the training, so three blinks means level three). Everyone starts with level three but after you use it the first time, the device will adjust its level to suit you. Insert it inside you like you would a tampon. I didn’t have any trouble inserting it, but if you’re dry, just use some lube… this baby is waterproof.

Once you switch it on, you have 30 seconds before the first set of exercise starts. Basically you squeeze your kegel muscles every time the device vibrates and rest when it stops. Before the first set, you’ll get three short vibrations and then you’re off.


The experience

I have to say I was a little bit curious about this. I’ve done some kegel exercises but never used anything that would ‘train’ me. So of course I thought I was doing it wrong. But I got the hang of it. The thing with kegel exercises is that you can do them anytime, and no one knows you’re doing it.

The vibrations are pretty pleasant and not as distracting as I thought they might have been. I have to say, I did one round (which is 3 sets with rests in between, and in each set, the vibrations get longer), and by the end of it I was vaginally tired. Yes, I know I am useless. Which also means, I probably need to do this more often. It felt very satisfying to know I was sitting there just working my vag and no one was the wiser.

It’s pretty easy to just leave inside you once it’s done. I wish they would have a remote so that I don’t have to keep pulling it out to restart. And I wish it were rechargable because having to hunt down batteries each time is a pain. Although, that said, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t take up as much usage time as a regular vibrator.


As to whether or not it works for more intense orgasms, only time will tell. But for now, I’m glad to know that I am working my one body part the sun doesn’t shine on. Meanwhile if you have tested it, let me know what you think in the comments!

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