Sex Toy Review: LELO Ora 2

The thing that strikes me the most about all Lelo products is the packaging (well, other than the usage). They never fail to amaze me. Always discreet, always neat and minimal and always, always classy.

Not only that, it’s like they think of everything. All products come with complete instructions, written, not with annoying picture-instructions which I hate, with a little pouch to keep your toy in so it remains dust free, and of course a little warranty card.

It’s details like this that makes Lelo stay ahead of the competition, because you can see the thoughtfulness that goes into each box. I never want to throw away the box either, cuz even that is nice and sleek.

What it is

Today we’re talking about the Lelo Ora 2, a generation after Lelo Ora. Ora 2 is supposed to be an oral sex simulator. It’s already kinda hard to get real life oral sex down, Lelo wanted a machine to do it. Well alright, let’s check it out.

The toy is not too large, about the size of a woman’s palm, and it is circular with one flat side. Under that flat bit there is a little nub or bead; that is supposed to represent the ‘tongue’ that flicks, licks, strokes etc. In the middle there is a hole where your finger can go through. The control buttons are on one of its sides and the charger hole the other. The middle part of the toy is covered in ‘gold’ plating with the word LELO etched in it. All in all, design wise I think this toy looks brilliant. Classy, sleek and you wouldn’t be able to guess what it is at first glance. Perfect to leave lying about the house (if that’s your thing).

The other thing I really love about it is that you can recharge it using a USB cord. Don’t lose the cord they give you though, because it’s the only way to recharge it (the horror!). Of course, if you forget to charge it, that means you can’t just swap out the battery; you will have to wait for it to charge… luckily it doesn’t take very long.

How it works

To switch it on, press both “+” and “-” buttons and then press “+” to increase the speed or “-” to decrease. To change the mode, press the middle button (can’t find the icon here on my laptop). The Ora 2 comes with 10 modes, some of them being just the ‘tongue’ and some being the ‘tongue’ along with vibrations. To stop the toy, press both the “+” and “-” buttons again. Simple really.

The Experience

I have to say I was expecting a whole lot more from this baby. I mean it is so damn pretty. However, I am not disappointed. She (yes, I gave it a gender) is sure coming with me on all my travels. I love how tiny it is and that it doesn’t look like a sex toy.

Using her, my favorite mode was one that had her vibrate continuously as well as have some flicking action (mode #10). The nub alone didn’t really provide much action sadly, because even though at some points she did kinda feel like a tongue, she just never moved quickly enough to give the kind of tongue action I like. I had to also press her hard to feel something and at some points I worried I would break her! However, couple that with a big dose of vibration we have a winning combination!

Although I wish the nub would move faster and was more protruding, the thing that really got my goat was the noise levels. This thing is not quiet. So definitely not something I could use if I had thin walls. I mean, all vibrators are noisy to some degree… but this was especially noisy. I wish we could silence it a little.


This baby is waterproof, so just wash it under running water and store in the satin bag it comes with!


If you’re expecting an honest to goodness eating out like the real thing, then what in the world are you thinking? There is no substituting the real thing! But if you want some vibrating fun along with a little bit of flicking action, then this is your toy. I really love the design, so I’m defo taking it on my travels for sure!

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