Sex Toy Review: LELO Pino (Exclusive)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Our 12 days of Thanksgiving come to an end with a fabulous little toy for the BOTH of you from the good folks at LELO. Thanksgiving is after all a day of sharing and being grateful for what you have. So we here at BaDoink wanted you to be able to share not only your food, but also your sex toys. What better way is there to show the love you have in your loins?

What is it?

Only just released, Lelo has unleashed the Lelo Pino onto the world. This here is a toy for him that he can share with her. It also, apparently a toy for bankers. As if those guys need more reasons to have sex. But hey, don’t we all? So we’re going with their whole banker schtick. Lelo has always targeted the exclusive market, so I’m not surprised that they’re trying to target bankers. Though how this toy is made for them I don’t know. It comes in a nice case though. Really high-end stuff. Wrapped in a faux cuff with a pair of cufflinks attached to them, the Pino sits on a satin puff alongside a money clip.

Hmm… While I like that they’re giving away freebies with the toy, which banker would wear anything with LELO etched in it? Don’t get me wrong; I doubt any person would wear anything with the name of their sex toy manufacturer advertised. However, I have no shame, so I’m certainly using the money clip.

How it works

The Pino goes on his penis as a cock ring. However, there is a protruding portion that vibrates for her. It comes with 10 different vibrations and you can adjust it using the two controls on its side. The Pino, like almost all Lelo toys, comes with a USB charger and before you use it for the first time you need to leave it to charge for a while. I left mine overnight just to be safe.

To start press the “+” sign on the side. To cycle through the different vibrations press “+” for three seconds. To lower or raise the intensity press either the “+” or “-”. To switch off, press “-” for three seconds. You can also lock the device (so it doesn’t accidently start!) by pressing both the “+” and “-” signs. Alright, we’re all charged up and unlocked, lets test this baby!

The Experience

With a little bit of lube, it slides on easily, which is great because it won’t interfere with the flow a lot – almost like putting on a condom. For him, we had to make sure there was enough lube on the base of his penis so that it didn’t feel like it was tugging him every time he pumped.

I’ve always wanted something that would vibrate while I grinded (ground?) against him, so this sounded perfect. I positioned myself on him (the good ol’ cowgirl!), started the Pino and off I went. While on top, I couldn’t grind too hard because it would hurt me (it is a hard toy), but still I could feel the vibrations just fine. Hmm… not bad, not bad…

Flipped over, with me underneath his thrusting meant that I would feel vibrations on and off and not continually, which felt like added bonus to the thrusting – but certainly not a way to get off. From behind I didn’t really feel a lot, perhaps I didn’t angle myself enough? Either way, I felt like me on top was the best position for both us.


Waterproof so just run under some running water.


This is not a toy – for me anyway – that would get me off while fucking. It feels like a great add-on to play, and it’s nice to have vibration while getting fucked, but I would still whip out my vibrator for some constant vibes in order to get off. Still, I would recommend it for couples exploring toys to add to their collection – banker or no banker!

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