Sex Toy Review: PicoBong Transformer

When the Transformer from PicoBong launched, I could not wait to get my hands on it! I mean it really looks like a toy that puts control back in its user’s hands. We get to decide how we want to use the toy. Twist it, bend it, wrap it around. With two vibrators on both ends, it means that we decide how we want the toy to work – and with whom we choose to use it, be it girl on girl, boy on boy, boy and girl and everything in between. Sounds amazing!

First of all, the PicoBong Transformer is a lot larger than it’s pictures. I was quite surprised at just how big it was. Unwrapped it is the length of my whole arm! Pretty intense… Still, I’ve seen scarier toys. Other than that, it did not look like a sex toy. In fact if you said to me that these were some newfangled headphones, I would believe you.

What you get

The PicoBong Transformer comes in a fun little box with a little window so you can see the toy. In it is the USB charger and an instruction booklet. Neat and simple.

How to use it

The Transformer has three little buttons that you can use to switch it on and off and to change the mode and speed. This is on one of the vibrating ends; on this same end there is also a little covered charger point for charging. I worry that with rough use this cover might pop up, but it seems ok for now.

The Transformer has 10 different vibrational patterns, to change each pattern press the “M” button and to increase or decrease the speed press the “+” or “-” buttons. To switch it on, press both the “+” and “-” button once and then any other button. To switch off do the same. Simple, and straight up.

The Experience

Ok, so the PicoBong manual came with examples on how to use the toy, you can twist it around and wrap it around and all kinds of things – as twisted as my imagination! Well, alas, my imagination is pretty straight up, so first thing I did was twist it around so I could put one end inside me and the other on my clit.

Twisting the toy around does require a little bit of elbow grease. I suppose it needs to be tight to keep the shape. Also, I noticed trying to create a ‘cock ring’ by creating an “O” meant that either he had to have HUGE penis girth, or they never tested the toy on a real human. Perhaps only unicorn penises, which I am totally cool with.

So, using this with him as a vibrating cock ring type thingy was out of the question. It just won’t stay on. Anyway… back to my twofer’ experience. I carefully inserted one end inside and wrestled the other end on to my clit and switched it on, found a vibration I like and off we went. The vibration can get pretty strong, which I like, but I didn’t really feel it massaging the g-spot, so there was a little maneuvering to be done. In the end, I just went for clitoral stimulation because it was the easiest. A thing I didn’t like about the device was that it’s hard to change the settings while using it – especially if you’ve inserted one end inside someone. I wish they had thought of that and provided a remote to control the Transformer.

I haven’t tried it on with another girl, but I can certainly see the appeal. Although until I test it I can’t say for sure.


Easy cleaning, just wash under water.


The Transformer seems a little gimmicky to me, although that said, it’s not like it didn’t get me off. It’s a little large for me to fit it in my bag for travel use, so it’s a toy I want to use to play by myself or with a partner at home. Be prepared to spend some time getting used to it first. Don’t bust it out for quick, first time play and you should be fine!

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