Sex Toy Review: Tenga Easy Beat Eggs

Yes I know that this is a product for men. But I’m reviewing it anyway, because Thanksgiving is all about sharing. And that’s what we do with the Tenga Egg. We share it, both of us, so both of us get a little bit of sexy fun out of it.

First up, the packaging is cute as hell! I mean, if you weren’t looking hard you might mistake them for real eggs! (Note: Don’t give these away at Easter!) Tenga Eggs are sold individually or in a pack of six – with the pack of six costing less than $30 depending on where you’re shopping. We tested the 6-color pack but there is a harder pack that is also available.

What’s Inside:

Each egg comes with a small packet of lubricant that is neatly tucked inside the egg itself. Inside each egg there are also different types of ridges that give off different sensations during usage.

First Impression:

I have to say that the Tenga Egg is a great toy for introducing your man to male sex toys – especially if he’s the kinda guy who is resistant to sex toys. The eggs are small and not scary at all. In fact we got a little distracted by the gooey eggs that we almost forgot to fuck. Hah! Almost. You need to squeeze in the lubricant inside the egg before putting it on you, and that’s kinda messy – but then again, when is sex not messy?

Sex Toy Review: Tenga Easy Beat Eggs

For him:

Takes a little bit of practice to get it on your penis. Of course your penis has to be fully hard before it can slip on comfortably. On a semi hard penis it required a little more effort and almost impossible with a flaccid one. The ridges on the inside I am told gently ‘massage’ the penis and gives off an amazing sensation. The gooeyness of the eggs works in favor of masturbation as the egg stretches and contracts almost like a second skin. It was a little hard to differentiate the different textures, but in the end he didn’t care cuz they all gave off an amazing feeling.

Verdict: 9/10

It took some getting used to, but then it was great to use.

For her:

I flipped the egg around so that the inside ridges were on the outside and popped that baby on my rabbit and off I went! I had to keep holding it down at the base of my toy so that it wouldn’t pop out, but it was still a nice sensation on the inside. Not something that I personally would use a lot, but for a variation of texture and some fun time play it was good.

Verdict: 5/10

Holding it in place was annoying. However, if he uses it on you and you’re on the receiving end, it’s quite worth it.

Sex Toy Review: Tenga Easy Beat Eggs

For Couples:

This is a great blowjob replacement!! Or aid. Depending on how you look at it. Just like a vibrator is a great add on for women, the Tenga Egg is a great add on for men. And since it’s small and non-threatening it’s almost like slipping on a condom. I found it to help give a smoother handjob, with him receiving more pleasure than a regular handjob. Win!

The Verdict: 10/10

What a great way to play! Great aid during handjobs and also helps out the gals who don’t like giving blowjobs!

On the whole, I found the Tenga Egg to be a solid toy, especially for new sex toy users. It’s great for travelling, doesn’t create a big mess, and can be used together with a partner. Win all around. It says that it’s a one-time use toy, but if you’re careful you can get a few uses out of each egg. You’ll have to use your own lubricant though because the one Tenga provides is for one use only. Enjoy!

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